Having a baby? Now there’s an app for that at Pioneers Memorial Hospital

http://www.pmhd.org/Services/obstetrics.htmlhas just become the first hospital in your area to use an innovative app that allows doctors to monitor their labor and delivery patients more closely than ever before – and it’s all done on the doctor’s smartphone or iPad.

IVAC To Host First Art Exhibit At IVC

The Imperial Valley Artist Collective is hosting its first art exhibit at the Imperial Valley College Art Gallery.
The show, titled Borderline Disorder, opens to the public Thursday, Aug. 25th and there will be a grand opening reception from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
The exhibition, which comes down on September 1st, showcases artists from Mexicali, Imperial Valley, Yuma, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, New York, tokyo and everywhere in between.
Some of the artists featured in the exhibit are Holly Tempo, professor at Otis College of Art & Design,; tom Gilbertson, Art professor at Imperial Valley College; Carol Hagerty, Art Professor at imperial Valley College; Daniel Marquez, a Chicano artist, and Eduardo Kintero, head of the fine arts department at State Center for the Arts in Mexicali, Mex.
Imperial Valley Artist Collective was started by Elizabeth M. Lopez, El Centro, Minerva Torres-Guzman, Holtville, Ca., and Alfredo Guzman, Holtville, with hope of helping to bring more art from far and wide into the imperial Valley. For more information visit their website.

Woman Rams El Centro Police Vehicles In Lot With Her Car

By Luke Phillips
A reckless driver caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage over the weekend when she drove into the parking lot of the El Centro Police Department Saturday and struck several police vehicles according to a press release issued Tuesday.
Lorita Rabb, 38, of El Centro, drove her 1997 Dodge van eastbound into the police parking lot at approximately 7 a.m. Saturday, initially striking a 2006 police cruiser, causing it to be pushed into two other vehicles. Rabb then continued  to drive east, striking two more 2008 police vehicles and disabling her van.
Officers rushed to the scene and found Rabb behind the wheel yelling that someone was trying to harm her family. Rabb ignored officers and refused to obey their commands to exit the vehicle.
Two officers removed Rabb who then began to resist their efforts to remove her from the scene of the accident. Rabb continued to yell, but was removed from the scene and taken into custody without further incident.
El Centro Police Commander Jeff Mason says that the incident will not affect the department’s ability to maintain service.
“Our patrol fleet has been impacted in a significant way,” Mason said. “We expect the damage to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and two if not three vehicles are a total loss, yet we will maintain our standard levels of service.”
Rabb escaped from the incident without injuries and was booked into Imperial County Jail on felony vandalism charges. She’s being held on $10,000 bail.

Early Football Preview: New Coaches Abound In Offseason

Chris Furguson
It was one year ago that an exciting Imperial Valley League football season finished with co-champions, a new Bell Game winner and four coaches retiring or leaving over off-season.  Despite all the changes among coaching staffs this off-season, there are several known factors to consider with the new schedule.

Tips Offered To Save Money On Back To School Shopping

It’s time once again to buy new school supplies, clothes and other necessities your kids need for the school year. This can be a big financial undertaking for many families, making back-to-school shopping a great opportunity to talk to your kids about important money management topics like budgeting and saving.
“This year our annual back-to-school survey found that only 15 percent of parents have created a back-to-school shopping budget with their child,” says Shelley Solheim, Director of Financial Education at Capital One. “Back-to-school shopping season is often overlooked as a financial education opportunity, but it’s an optimal time for parents to teach teens about budgets and smart spending in a real-world situation.”
Here are some tips to help you and your teen budget for back-to-school supplies:
• Make it a family affair: Sit down and compile a list of supplies your child needs. Then see if you have any leftover supplies from last year, such as binders that can be re-used or glue sticks and crayons.
• Do reconnaissance: In addition to contacting the school and visiting their website to find out what supplies your kids will need, consider talking to teachers and parents of older kids to find out what students actually need for each grade level.
• Create a budget: Ask your teens how much they think is reasonable to spend on supplies. Then draft a list and price each item using the Internet or a mobile app. If you or your teen exceeds the projected estimate, work to divide the list into needs and wants, explaining why it’s important to prioritize.
• Be flexible: If your teens really want those big-ticket items, work with them to find the money. They can find ways to cut costs by clipping coupons, looking for sales or buying used books.