Buying a Car Online? Read This First

You can buy almost anything over the Internet—including clothes, a pizza, music, a hotel room, even a car. And while most transactions are conducted lawfully and securely, there are instances when criminals insert themselves into the marketplace, hoping to trick potential victims into falling for one of their scams.

Today, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued an alert about a specific type of cyber scam that targets consumers looking to buy vehicles online.

CDPH Director Urges Parents Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute to Immunize Your Kids for School

With schools around the state starting the fall session, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director Dr. Ron Chapman urged parents to make sure their kids’ vaccinations are up to date to help ensure their children get a healthy start to the new school year.


“As a parent myself, I know how difficult it is to remember everything you need to do to get your child ready for school,” said Chapman. “Putting vaccinations at the top of the list ensures your child can be enrolled on time and with the best protection from diseases throughout the school year.”