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People Are Angry Again; Give Local Councilors A Break, Please

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY we were writing about the overuse of the phrase “people are angry” by the news media.
Unfortunately, one year later people are still angry and they are upset with their elected leaders in a manner which has not been seen in this country in a long time.
Instead of being a converging of ideas of elected representatives brought together by  the people to decide the course of the country and the states, you have a contest of wills and ideology which is gripping politicians at every level and tearing the very fabric of the country apart.
It’s no longer regarded as good party etiquette to  disagree, but look for ways to compromise. It’s now a matter of whose the stronger and the public be damned.
It actually started in California with Arnold Schwarzenengger demanding budget changes that have crippled education in the state. It now has taken in two legislatures in two states that have been forced to shut down their operations – Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Now the federal government stands on the  brink of shutting down its massive services because a non-descript politician from a few years ago and a president who won’t budge want to  play “king of the hill.” In this case it’s Capitol Hill.
It’s time to stop playing games and get something done that actually benefits all the people, not just a handful of elitists who aren’t going to hire anybody no matter how big of a  tax break they get.
We hope people will keep their heads and vote out all those people who are at the heart of this disheartening situation. They all should stop acting like babies and start acting like adults.
THE SAME COULD BE SAID FOR SOME LOCAL situations where people from the public have decided to participate in name calling and accusations that aren’t true. Venting ones spleen on elected officials is not a good way to get anything accomplished, especially when those people are supposedly your friends and neighbors.
It’s no wonder that nobody wants to take on the challenged of local government when you know you are going to be held up to scorn at every turn. There is always somebody who claims to speak “for the people.”
As we have said in this space before, we wonder who those people are they supposedly speak for. They don’t come forward and identify themselves and their “leaders” never run for public office.
They just complain and create problems to solve “for the people.”
What they are actually saying is  they don’t have any solutions, but we can make as much noise as we possibly can and maybe somebody will do something about what I want. The public be damned.
It’s easier to stand on the sidelines and heckle the decisions makers than it is to try to come up with solutions to supposed problems.
Such people should be given the boot out the door on the spot. They are minor little attention-getters who can only feel important when they are messing things up for others.
We’ve seen dozens of these types of people come and go. None of them ever last long. And few try to make decisions themselves. When they do, it’s usually a lot worse than anything the regulars could come up with.
We hope such outrageous behavior will come to a halt one of these days and  the art of the compromise, or the deal, returns to public meetings. That will take listening and cooperation. COMIC-CON IS A PHENOMENON that has spread from San Diego across the the country and around the world.
It is an incredible show that brings together people who want to act crazy and forget their troubles for a few days.
They  get to bask in the glow of super heroes, meet celebrities, dress up in funny costumes and generally have a good time.
IMPERIAL VALLEY IS NOT IMMUNE TO this phenomenon, nor is Holtville.
Local artist Dave Garcia was on hand as usual. And a comic book project from the Imperial County Office of education also took advantage of the show.
You can read all about both in Reporter Chris Furguson’s accounts of his experiences at the convention.
It’s one way locals can further their knowledge, even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface. And it can be used to  make learning a positive and uplifting experience. Kids get to draw and put their thoughts on paper. What more could you ask for?