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Space Shuttle Blues, Controversy In Calexico, Getting Better- Not Older

IT’S A CROCK! THE SPACE PROGRAM IS DOWN THE DRAIN IN THE U.S. The last shuttle blasted off for the last time last week -Friday, July 8th. A day that should live in infamy. Or at least shame.
I grew up with the space program. I heard Kennedy’s speech live on TV calling for a man on the moon at the end of the sixties.
It ignited the entire country. It got everybody moving in a positive direction. “You saved 1968.” The sentence that summed up a particularly hard and disruptive year. It came about because of the space program.
Now what’s going to do that?
That legacy is now wasted. We are purposely taking a back seat to the Russians, Japanese and Chinese, as well as the rest of the world.
If we want to go into space, we will have to hitch a ride. “Please sir, can we have some more?”
Now another 9,000 people are going to be added to the unemployment roles. How is that doing anything to cure the unemployment crisis?
The government, NASA and the fed, have tried to gloss it over, saying that the future is even brighter and there will  be more flights “in the future.”
But the fact  is, we will be a second class citizen of space when this flight returns to earth.
“Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville, searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt.”
That’s where the U.S. will be for a long time to come. It was only fitting that Jimmy Buffett serenaded the soon-to-be unemployed space workers on this sad occasion.
The shortsighted, unimaginative  people of all political parties will probably cheer that they destroyed America’s space dominance.
The rest of us should weep.
STRANGE DOINGS IN CALEXICO  ONCE MORE. In last week’s newspaper there was a petition calling for the ouster of IID Representative Anthony Sanchez. Or at least a recall election.
Newly appointed Calexico Mayor Luis Castro is one of the principals behind the petition. He’s been an activist in other areas too. Seems he and the other people behind it think Sanchez is too much of a company man, voting only as he is told and directing water away from local farmers by siding with John Pierre Menvielle. That last part is surprising and unfactual. The  last time I looked Menvielle had been a strong supporter of farming and local water rights in Imperial Valley. If Sanchez is following him it would appear he’s moving in the right direction.
The petition also says he shirked his responsibility to somebody by allowing a change in the Energy Cost Adjustment that resulted in a 100 to 150 million overcharge to rate payers.
And if that’s not enough to get you interested, he ignored the $50,000,000 needed to fund the employees health benefit plan.
Sanchez is working on a reply which he says he will have sometime next week. He also says the carriers of the petition have to have a rebuttal included with the petition before it is presented to potential signers.
I can’t remember a recall election for an IID Board member in the last 20 years. If their policies are unpopular they usually get voted out of office.  Anybody out there feeling like refreshing my memory?
Look for this one to go on for quite some time. We have to wonder what Castro’s motivation is. Maybe he plans to run for the IID Board. Tune in next week. It will be intriguing.
TODAY MARKS MY 67TH BIRTHDAY. I’m still here and not retired. I feel good and still get a kick out of working at a newspaper, even after 41 years.
Technology keeps changing, but the industry stays about the same.  And people still like their newspapers. We can still provoke people to action, cause them to think once in a while and bring them the library reading program [photos. That done in one neat package that doesn’t require a special decoder to get to it or an outlay of hundreds of dollars for new equipment. For about 50 cents, you can find what’s going on everyday. A bargain if their ever was one.
This is one newspaperman  who thinks the “News of the World” got what it deserved. I had no right to tap into everyone’s cell phones and eaves drop on all their conversations. Committing a felony is still illegal and I hope it teaches a lot of journalists some lessons about privacy.
WE’RE LOOKING FOR PLACES TO STAY COOL THIS SUMMER and will try to bring you some looks at places that are just a short drive from here.
We visited Julian this weekend and will give “Part II” of the story that started last week with a general travelogue. We ran into several Valleyites up there too. They were all enjoying the cool breezes and the great apple pie.