In Other Words

Telephone Tag Blues! Bring Back The Fireworks Stands!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET YOURSELF HEATED UP on an already hot day, then just call up one of those automated ordering systems that have become so popular with businesses.
My least favorite are the voice activated where a machine talks to you almost  like a real, live person.
Almost is the key word. Sometimes they work,. Sometimes they don’t. Make a mistake or take to long to give the voice from Hell the proper information and you will find yourself stuck on hold or trying to repeat information to a machine that couldn’t understand it in the first place.
Such was the case with me and Ticketmaster today when I tried to order some tickets to a ball game and fireworks show.
First I got pestered for every possible piece of information the voice could think to ask about me. Then I got my name spelled wrong and my address listed incorrectly. After that, it was a piece of cake, or so I thought. Think again.
That’s when we got to my credit card number which the voice told me to speak into the receiver. Apparently I was a little to slow in responding to this demand and the voice made up its own number and entered it. At least it must have made it up, since it wasn’t even close to the number I gave it.
Then when I went to correct it, it still got wrong and I was handed off to some canned elevator music for awhile. Another recorded voice told me my call was important to them and stuck me back on hold. I guess it wasn’t that important afterall. The first voice came back on and told me I had a delay of just five minutes. Since it had already been over seven minutes, I began to doubt  the voice was telling me the truth.
Then I was told if I wanted to or more tickets, I could go back to the start and do it all again. Since I hadn’t even got the first tickets, I was completely discombobulated and decided to try again some other time. Like when a real, live person might be working there.
I have to wonder what large companies gain by using these machines.  A real, live human being could solve the whole thing in a matter of seconds.
The machine couldn’t figure it out in a quarter of an hour and perhaps never would.
I think we would do a lot to solve the unemployment problem in this country simply by eliminating these gadgets from the corporate arsenal.
How much could it possibly cost them to have a person answering a telephone in the USA and taking orders for a product that is solely based in the USA?
If people want something to revolt against or Tea party people want to get out and rally, then perhaps they could go after phone recordings.
That way we would all have our lives made a little easier simply by doing things the old fashioned way.
Oh, and I decided to find another activity for the Fourth of July!
IT WILL BE RED, WHITE AND BOOM!! once more in Imperial Valley and the rest of the world as we celebrate our independence in the traditional manner. I’m already getting out my best barbecue rub recipe to use on meat I’ll be grilling on the 4th.
We haven’t received our usual admonishment from the fire department about fireworks being illegal in Imperial County this year. Perhaps they’ve decided that most folks know it and will adhere to this policy.
I used to look forward to the fireworks stands opening. The church groups and civic groups who used the proceeds from these booths always did a world of good for their communities in exchange for selling a few noisemakers roman candles.
These days you have to watch out for the fireworks police or you could get tagged and fined for celebrating you independence. Is there a message in there about how much freedom we can expect to have in the future? Probably.
We still want to see this ban lifted in the cities around here and the county too. The folks who made the most noise locally about instating don’t live here anymore. Just us poor folk who have to rely on popping plastic bags to get our thrills on the 4th!
We hope people will take back that sense of freedom and independence and put an end to this intrusion into the lives of too many people. Government is not acting in the best interests of the people in this case.
But, don’t forget to go to the  Freedom Fest anyway and partake in some of the Valley’s finest entertainment. We hope to see you at IVC  on Sunday evening.
Peace and freedom to all.