Calexico City Council Elect New Mayor

Luis Castro with Ulises Cardenas and Rene Felix,from the office of Juan Vargas

By Mario Conde With the start of the new fiscal year, the Calexico City Council made its re-organization this past Tuesday and elected Luis Castro as the new Mayor of Calexico. The Council voted 5-0 to appoint Mayor Luis Castro and Daniel Romero as Mayor Pro Tem at the regular Tuesday meeting. The members of the Council spoke at the meeting on how they have worked as a team to get things done and increase the services for the residents of Calexico. Councilmember Bill Hodge described this council as a very progressive one that is working to get things done.  “I’m proud of what we have accomplished this past year. Are we done yet? Absolutely not, but we will continue to work together to improve our budget and work towards a better Calexico.” Hodge said.  Councilman Hodge congratulated former Mayor John Moreno for his leadership as Mayor and said he learn a lot from him. Councilwoman Maritza Hurtado also congratulated Councilman Moreno for his good work as Mayor and also asked the rest of the Council to support each other and continue working as a team. Outgoing Mayor John Moreno said in his speech that the Council tackled the budget deficit and worked with City staff to get the job done.  He congratulated City Manager Oscar Rodriquez, Victor Carrillo, Finance Director Judy Hashem, and all of the department heads for working towards balancing the City budget for the first time in years. He said the economic development is coming to Calexico and working on such projects like the Grand Plaza, the Casino, and Towncenter Plaza. Incoming Mayor pro Tem Daniel Romero said to be humbled for his appointment to be Mayor Pro Tem and said he looks forward for the upcoming 12 months. Finally, Mayor Luis Castro said the he took a pledge to serve the residents of Calexico and work hard with the Council to increase the services. He said the will work to bring more recreational activities and sports by working with the different City Commissions.  The Calexico Chamber of Commerce hosted a welcome mixer at Applebee’s to welcome the newly re-organized City Council.