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Is There No End To Federal Meddling? Some Trivial Matters

WHENEVER THE GOVERNMENT gets the urge to do something it shouldn’t it decides to sneak through something totally irrelevant that is designed to annoy most everybody.
It’s the old we’ll-wipe-your nose-for-you-because-we don’t-think-you’re-smart-enough-to-do-it-yourself routine.
I read a couple of newspaper articles over the weekend and one of them concerned Congress’ efforts to get rid of incandescent light bulbs.
What could that possibly have to do with anything relevant? Well, the smart guys in Washington, DC want to tell you what kind of light bulb you can buy.
Seems they think they can make the whole world more energy efficient by digging around in your hall closet and getting those old style bulbs out and the new-fangled curly-cue fluorescent bulbs put in.
For once the Republicans have it right. Stay the hell out of everybody’s closet. People can decide for themselves if they want to use the more expensive fluorescent bulbs or the cheaper, but less efficient incandescent bulbs.
This is a free country isn’t it? We are still capable of choosing what kind of light bulb we want, aren’t we?
“But its good for you!” Cry the more government control guys. Its bad for all those folks building incandescent bulbs, though.
Fortunately, it looks like its will be lights out on this frivolous proposal, but watch out. Congress has a habit of bringing bad ideas back again.
Let’s hope a light bulb goes on over Congress’ collective head and they start coming up with something better than this.

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