U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter June 30 – July 6

Border Patrol agents seized over 10,393 pounds of marijuana and 85.35 pounds of cocaine. Agents arrested 13 criminal aliens and 9 gang members. There were 4 rocking incidents.

*This overview is compiled from incidents reported to the Office of Border Patrol and is not intended to reflect all Border Patrol enforcement actions. Most arrests and seizures fail to meet the requirements for mandatory reporting to the Office of Border Patrol.


Las Vegas Company To Build Giant Ferris Wheel on South End of Strip

While times have been tough in Las Vegas and certainly building has slowed to a crawl on The Strip, one project is getting a lot of attention.

A 500 foot tall Ferris Wheel in being planned for the south end of The Strip near Mandalay Bay.

Skyvue will have 40 air conditioned and heated enclosures that will hold between 20-25 people apiece. This is part of a 40 acre complex that will include numerous entertainment features.

Best Burger In The Valley Search Hits Hacienda & Aspen

By Phil Mestomack

[We're past the half way point in Phil's sojourn through the best burgers in the Valley.  Where will the genius gastronome take us this week?]