In Other Words

Summer Is Here!

HERE IT IS SUMMER, I can tell because the basketball playoffs are just about over and the high schools are graduating their seniors.
Basketball used to be a winter sport, but with the prolonged schedule and the number of teams that play in the NBA, it’s almost become a year-around venture.
It still comes down to who wants to spend the most money for key players. That team generally gets to the finals.
That’s why I’m rooting for the Dallas Mavericks. The Miami Heat look like processed cheese with their slick lineup of super stars. Watching them lose is actually a day brightener .
The NBA could us some revisions. Like how about two leagues. With all the teams they have, it would be fairer to those perennial bottom dwellers if they had a shot a top spot in a new league.
Take the New York Knicks, the New Orleans Hornets, the Milwaukee Bucks and all those other teams that no one even knows are in the league and put them in their own league.
It would generate more fan interest and spread out some of the wealth over more teams.
Now all I have to do is convince the NBA that this is a feasible idea. Hmmm…
GRADUATION TIME FINDS OUR PAGES filled with lots of accomplishments from the 2,000 or so graduates of the local school systems.
This summer may find a lot of them standing around, though. Since a good many summer programs have been trimmed back to accommodate the budget slashes made by the State Legislature.
Nevertheless,  there is always hope for the future and plenty of enthusiasm for what the new class will bring to society.
Considering how fast technology is changing, we wonder what the next 20 years will bring in the form of innovations and how much these grads can contribute to it. It will be an interesting time, indeed.
We offer the best of luck for the future of all these people and hope there will be less wars and peacetime achievements to be gained.
If you want to take a look at the graduation exercises around the Valley, pick up a copy of next week’s paper, which will be chick full of photos and results.
ONE NICE THING ABOUT IMPERIAL VALLEY THIS YEAR has been the lack of super hot days. We know they are coming, but at least they’ve been kept to a minimum this spring, so far.
One thing that might be missing are a lot of recreational activities. People in Holtville may find they have little to occupy their children with because the city programs have been trimmed.
Nobody’s sure that  event he swimming pool will be open this summer. It’s currently ton up and waiting for refurbishing. A task we hope won’t take too long as the hot days begin to accumulate.
A lot of the recreation programs were supported by funds form the Redevelopment Agency and our reporter Luke Phillips tells us those have been trimmed in a cost cutting move. In addition, the city’s utility tax supports much of the recreation budget and the enemies of that service charge are out to do it in too.
When are people going to return to their senses and realize that people need some basic services and should expect to get them from the government. anybody who thinks otherwise hasn’t been in touch with what goes on in the real world.
We have been very disappointed in the actions of the Holtville City Council, particularly one of its appointed members who thinks he has a right to destroy the quality of life for the entire city.
We hope he, and several other people who should have retired a long time ago call it quits soon. then, perhaps, Holtville can move ahead for a change instead of continually looking backward.
ONE GOOD THING ABOUT THE CITY is that  it does have a great Ice Cream Social every spring. This year’s event was even more fun than the year before.  At least when some people get together, they don’t do it to complain. They do it to bring folks together.
there will be lots of year end parties in the other cities too as the fiscal years draw to a close for many of the clubs and organizations. The Chambers of Commerce will holding the their annual banquets. You should get out and support this organization in your hometown. It’s a solid investment in the future.
And right now Imperial Valley needs a lot of help with its future.