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Flicks Feature Fabulous, Eye-Popping Action

Flicks Feature Fabulous, Eye-Popping Action

By Luke Phillips Imperial Valley summers can be brutal, but luckily we'll have a plethora of eye-popping entertainment on the silver screen to keep us out of the heat and in the theater. The summer movie season, which seems to start earlier every year, is already in full-swing this year, kicked off by two big Marvel Entertainment movies last month. Marvel's Thor was released May 6 to mostly negative reviews, but big box office numbers and has already earned approximately $176,000,000 in the [...]

Saving the Salton Sea

Saving the Salton Sea

Al Kalin, TMDL On-Farm Consultant Forty years ago I was appointed to a committee to save the Salton Sea by Tunney Williams, a County Supervisor at the time. Funding was found to study the problem, but nothing ever came of the committee's work. Tunney passed away this past October a month short of his 97th birthday. In 2004 the California Secretary of Resources appointed me to yet another committee to save the Salton Sea as the result of legislature passed along with the signing of the [...]

ICE Agent’s Status Irks Victims’ Family After Car Crash

By Luke Phillips The family of three Imperial Valley women who were killed in a car accident after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Cole Joseph Dotson ran a stop sign at a high rate of speed and collided with their vehicle on a country road near El Centro in 2009. Dotson was arraigned late last month on three charges of Vehicular manslaughter, but the families of Sandra Garcia, Patricia Martinez-Reyes and Maria Consuelo say they still don't feel like justice is being properly [...]

The Search Begins For The Valley’s Best Burger! This Week: Burgers & Beer

The Search Begins For The Valley’s Best Burger! This Week: Burgers & Beer

By Phil Mestomack Burger, fries and a soda. or milkshake.  Nothing brings out the sense of pure Americana more than that classic combo. The image of young women in rollerskates at the car-hop carrying trays of the meal while young couples enjoy themselves is as much a part of the burger & fries as the food itself. Arnold’s (Happy Days), the Olympia Cafe (Saturday Night Live), and the Krusty Krab (Spongebob Squarepants) are some of the fictional places that are based on the humble [...]

Pioneers Hospital Recognizes Best Nurses Of 2011

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District has a wonderful team of caregivers. To recognize the outstanding nurses during National Nurses Week this year, a peer-based selection by each nursing unit was employed. The selected outstanding clinical staff members, by department, were as follows: Aracely Nelson, RN, BSN - Perinatal Service Carmen Fitzsimmons, RN - Float Pool Clara Miranda, RN, BSN, PHN - Case Management D'Andre York, RN - NICU Eric Aragon, LVN - Medical/Surgery Unit Hui Su Felix, [...]

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