Will the City of Calexico be seeing a New Olympic Size Swimming Pool?

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council and the Calexico Unified School District Board of Trustees had a joint meeting were they took the initial steps to make a new Olympic swimming pool for Calexico.

In a historic joint session, both government entities decided to move forward with the release of special funds in the Calexico Unified School District capital facilities special fund held by the City of Calexico Redevelopment Agency. The School Board approved a resolution two weeks ago at their regular meeting the issuance of tax allocation refunding bonds by the Calexico RDA. This was the first step to secure funds in order to make an Olympic size swimming pool in Calexico. The old swimming pool site at the high school cannot be used again since it was damaged by the earthquake last year. The Council and the School Board took advantage of the window of opportunity to secure bonds for this project since Governor Brown has not been able to eliminate the RDA like he proposed on his first budget in January.

During the meeting it was reported the approximately $3 million dollars would cost to build an Olympic size swimming pool within the Calexico High School property. The new pool is planned to be located at the current soccer field at the high school right next to the student parking lot. Superintendent Richard Fragale said that a group of architects are working right now with City Staff to make the design of the new swimming pool.

ACT President Enrique Cervantes spoke against the action saying that the School Board has not looked at the depth and analyze the bond resolution. Cervantes said that he would table this item no matter what was the urgency behind this in order to avoid something that harms the taxpayers of Calexico. He asked the Council and the School Board not to approve this and asked them to look at the facts.

Calexico Resident Benjamin Horton spoke in support of the action and said that this is an opportunity for Calexico to receive funds from the State. He said that he has done research on this topic and said the approval to this action will be good for Calexico. He reminded the Council and the Board about the comments made by the Chief of Police saying that having a pool will benefit youth of Calexico since it will keep them out of trouble and will bring much needed recreation for Calexico. He commended the Council and the Board for working together for the benefit of the community.

Supervisor District 1 John Renison spoke and said that he will inquire how the County of Imperial can get involved in with the new swimming pool. Renison told the Superintendent he will get in touch with him after he gets more information.