Railroad Trestle Repair Sidetracked By Slow Insurance Company

By Luke Phillips
The process of restoring a historic railroad trestle bridge outside of Holtville that partially burned nearly two years ago is going slowly reports Holtville City Manager Laura Fischer.
Fischer says city staff is still working with adjusters from the city’s insurance company, but the process has stalled on their side, she says.
“We’re not making a lot of headway,” Fischer said.
Fischer says that she is keeping the city council informed of developments with the project, but says they may want to “take further legal action” in the matter.
“I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay, but it can take a while,” she said. “We’re still trying to work amicably with the insurance company. It’s been very slow on their side.”
Fischer says city staff is still having internal discussions with insurance adjusters and trying to agree on the value of the trestle and on compiling data.
Fischer says she’s had personal experience dealing with insurance adjusters after her house burned down and says the process can be frustrating.
“You have to stay on them,” she said. “We’re putting a lot of effort into it and they’re slowly getting the point.”