Pioneers Recognized By BETA Group

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is pleased to announce that BETA Healthcare Group has recognized PMHD as one of the hospitals to achieve BETA’s Quest of Zero OB Initiative in 2010.  We are one of only seven hospitals in California to earn this recognition. This Quest of Zero OB Initiative is based on 100% compliance in meeting the following three criteria:
*    Fetal monitoring interpretation competency for all perinatal professional staff and physicians,
*    Use of current NICHD nomenclature,
*    Multidisciplinary fetal monitor strip review.
“I want to congratulate you and your team at Pioneers Memorial Hospital who were instrumental in achieving BETA’s Quest for Zero OB initiative in 2011,” stated Tom Wander, CEO, BETA Healthcare Group. “You have achieved success in Tier 1 of our two-tier initiative. Your accomplishment and commitment to perinatal patient safety is truly recognized,” continued Wander.
BETA Healthcare Group is a California joint-powers authority that was formed in 1979 to pool the liability claims and losses of district hospitals. Today, BETA is the largest writer of hospital professional liability coverage in the state, serving more than 100 county, district, and nonprofit hospitals and healthcare facilities.
“This recognition is another indication of our physicians’ and nursing staff’s commitment to quality healthcare for all of the residents of Imperial Valley,” stated Marcus Tapia, President, PMHD Board of Directors.  “We continued to applaud the team approach that achieves this type of positive results,” continued Tapia.