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Bin Laden Is Dead… And Who Are These Golfers?

The United States finally caught up with Osama bin  Laden and he paid the price for all his hostility toward us and the rest of the world.
He who liveth by the sword dies by the sword.
The U.S. finally got a victory in its war on terrorism and took a giant step toward ending at least some of the hostilities it has been involved in.
Obama, for all his naivete came through when it counted, tracking bin Laden since August and having the military set up the covert operation that ended with his killing.
We can all breathe a sigh of relief that a wrong has been righted. Those who lost loved ones on 9-11 and those who have lost loved ones in the ensuing conflicts can get some satisfaction. It’s an announcement we have waited for through nine years of war. Shout hallelujah! From the rooftops!
My wife and I posted flags in our windows and on our doors, vowing not to take them down until bin Laden was brought to justice. They’re still up and will remain until all these wars have come to a conclusion and our troops are brought home.
I still feel that Afghanistan  is a lost cost and a country that perpetuates way  to support its economy.
We need to get out of that country as soon as possible, but the government is telling us it is hard to say when that will be. I say the sooner the better. The world should take care of some of its own problems. We don’t have to be the problem solver for everyone. The mission is accomplish. It’s time to start thinking about withdrawing on a large scale. think that will happen? I hope so. You would be surprised how much money you will save when you aren’t dropping bombs on everyone.
Maybe then we can afford health care for the masses and the pursuit of peaceful purposes. Like getting the roads fixed in this country. If the U.S wants to put people back to work this would be a good place to start.
I was watching another PGA tournament and had to wonder who half the players were that were out there swinging away at that little white ball.
Without Tiger, or Phil, or Vijay, or Ernie or Davis III there is little to cheer about.
Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood are the best players in the world? Who? If they walked up to you on the street, would you even recognize them? It’s doubtful.
Golf needs some genuine superstars and Imperial County needs more golf courses. The course and golfers could actively encourage people to play the game by offering lessons and discounts. Cheapness and shortsightedness have kept the course near empty since the snowbirds went home.
That’s good enough for hacks like me who spray the ball all over the place, but we need more players who can tout the benefits of the game.
Brawley’s Del Rio has been trying to get more people with some advertising and some promotions. You should give it a try. Maybe you can help get the Valley moving forward simply be hitting a little ball. Try it. You might like it.
I’M OFF TO HAVE EYE surgery this week. A pesky cataract has to be removed and I’m told it’s a simple operation that takes only minutes. I shall find out. At least I won’t have to wear coke bottle sized glasses the way my grandmother did.
Peace. And good vision to all.