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To date the American Red Cross San Diego and Imperial Counties chapter has deployed six disaster workers to Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas to help people devastated by the recent deadly tornadoes and floods. San Diego disaster workers are providing assistance in the following roles:

  • Facilities Supervisor
  • Community Response Programs Manager
  • Spiritual Care Services
  • Disaster Assessment Manager
  • Health Services
  • Local Volunteer Supervisor


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Gear Up Foundation Statement – Bin Laden

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Most Wanted Terrorist Dead

Bin Laden Killed in U.S. ‘Targeted Operation’


The mastermind of the attacks on September 11, 2001 that killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children has been killed.

President Barack Obama made the announcement late Sunday evening, May 1, in a televised address to the world. He said he had been briefed by the intelligence community last August that bin Laden was in hiding “within a compound deep inside of Pakistan.” Over the intervening months, intelligence agencies worked to confirm the intelligence. Then last week, President Obama determined there was enough intelligence to take action.

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Press Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on the Killing of Osama bin Laden

12:03 A.M. EDT

MR. VIETOR:  Thank you, everyone, for joining us, especially so late.  We wanted to get you on the line quickly with some senior administration officials to talk about the operation today regarding Osama bin Laden.  And with that I’ll turn it over to our first senior administration official.

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Celebration In Front of the White House

Pictures of people celebrating in front of the White House in Washington over the news of Osama’s death.

Pictures Courtesy of Roy Dorantes, Imperial Valley College.

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