Renovation of the Calexico Swimming Pool Could Happen

By Mario Conde

The Calexico School Board approved the issuance of bonds in which the renovation of the Calexico Swimming pool could happen.

The board deliberated on this issue at their regular Tuesday meeting in which they discussed approving this resolution that would give the District over $1 Million Dollars in bonds. The board had previously tabled this item since they requested more information about this bond. Trustee Joong Kim asked for a joint City Council-School Board meeting to discuss this item and see how the money would be used. The City of Calexico has issued millions of dollars in bonds for the City projects for economic development and other uses. The bonds for the School District would be used to improve various areas in the Districts.

At last Tuesday’s meeting City Manager Oscar Rodriquez spoke to the board about this bonds and said that this bonds are an urgency item since this might be the last chance the City could issue bonds for the district since the Redevelopment Agencies could be gone anytime.

“Redevelopment Agencies have not been phased out like the Governor wanted so this gives us a window of opportunity to get these bonds and use it for the swimming pool.” Rodriquez said.

Rodriquez said that the Redevelopment Agency survived by only one vote since one Republican Assembly member voted against it. The Acting City Manager said if the board votes to approve these bonds then they can meet on how the money would be used for the District afterwards. Calexico RDA consultant Marshall Lynn said that every week RDA is on the chopping block and said his team will be on the phone the very next morning to get the bonds ready in the next couple of weeks.

“Waiting two more weeks will be a mistake because the monies will not be there anymore and the opportunity would be lost to rebuild the swimming pool.” Lynn warned the board.

Trustee Joong Kim was the only board member against the issuance of the bonds and cited the problems other cities have experience because of bonds. A lot of discussion about the benefit of the bonds took place but in the end the board decided to approve a resolution to go forward with the bonds  with the vote of 4-1 having Trustee Kim being the only vote against it.