Centennial Celebrations for One of The Most Remarkable Americans of the 20th Century

March 13th, 2011 marked the Centennial Celebration of author, humanitarian and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard (http://www.lronhubbard.org/) and is being celebrated throughout the world.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 7, 2011

Across major cities in the United States, the Americas, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe millions recognized the life works and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) on his Centennial Celebration on March 13th, 2011. Celebrations took place in commemoration of Mr. Hubbard’s many contributions in the areas of the arts, exploration, his fiction works, his work as a humanitarian and the religious philosophy Mr. Hubbard developed, all of which are known and used by millions worldwide.

In Other Words

IT’S INCOME TAX TIME AGAIN  AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO BREAK OUT THE PROZAC, or whatever type of mood elevator might be handy.
A trip to the Tax Man is always a nerve wracking experience for me and my wife because we always wind up getting less back than we think we are, or we owe Uncle Sam more money than we’ve already paid.
In each case, how much determines how much  each of our moods change. It’s  also the same time of year I gain more sympathy for those radical rednecks who want their taxes lowered.
How much does the government need? Obviously more than anybody can afford. Especially since we are involved in three wars.
Three wars! Whose running the government? The Joint Chiefs of Staff?
No president in history has tried to fight three wars at the same time. This is ridiculous.
But even though we are being told once again that this war in Libya isn’t a war, the bombs are falling and it won’t be long until the troops are marching.
Why? Well, three little letters and the control of them come to mind. O-I-L.
The government sees a golden opportunity to seize more of the oil trade and, perhaps, keep us from paying $5.00 a gallon for gasoline. A noble cause if there ever was one.
But it would sure be nice if the government would end one conflict before rushing off to another. We have decided once again to police the world.
But it would sure be nice if us common folk could have a few extra dollars in our pockets and a few less missiles flying through the air. Maybe there would be some money for peaceful purposes.
Well, I’ll find out by next week if I can seriously consider voting for someone who offers tax relief this time around Meanwhile, I have to focus on money and keep most of it squirreled away until Uncle Sam gets through with me.
OVER IN HOLTVILLE the City Council put the brakes on the utility tax until it goes before the voters in November. It’s obviously money the city doesn’t want to give up.
And by then City Manager Laura Fischer may have moved on  if she holds to her resignation that takes place the last day of May.
That will create enough of a hassle for everybody as the city decides what programs it will cut and what it won’t. The city’s summer recreation programs are also supported by the utility tax.
We know  there are some old goats around city hall who are too old to remember what recreation programs can do to keep kids using up their energy in a positive manner. We’re also sure these same old goats will do their best to stop those funds and it’s doubtful whether they will provide any  alternatives. They didn’t when the City Recreation Supervisor had to step down They didn’t when the skateboard park almost got built. They won’t now.
The noise of children playing in a public park would disturb their sleep. I guess they would rather deal with problems of graffiti and other minor crimes. Crime is cheaper for them.
But at least this summer there will be something for young people to do, thanks to the city council. Maybe if a couple of their members would stop and think, they might realize all the problems they could cause. But that’s for someone else to clean up. November will come sooner than you think, however.
DRIVING TO IMPERIAL VALLEY after the weekend I couldn’t help thinking about how few cars there are on the road these days.
The gas prices have made staying home a viable option for any kind of trip. They also make someone like me take a longer look at those economical vehicles the auto manufacturers are turning out.
The last spike in oil prices triggered a whole lot of interest in alternative fuels for cars – including ethanol, methane, and natural gas.
As soon as the prices went down, even though it was only temporary, the interest in these fuels stopped. If research and Congress had continued perhaps we wouldn’t have to thinking about where we drive to and how much it will cost.
Electric cars may be something in everyone’s future if the Chevy Volt and a Nissan entry into the market are successful. Perhaps in the near future you can zip into a fueling station, plug your car into a socket, let it charge for a few minutes and then be on your way for another couple hundred miles.
Stranger things have happened. Look at all the cell phones that are in use as compared to 20 years ago.
Removing oil from the economic and political picture would go a long way to stop the fighting on a worldwide basis. Let’s hope so.