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Girl Scouts in Imperial Valley, their leaders and parents will enjoy a day of hands-on outdoor fun and exploration at High Adventure 2011 on Saturday, March 26, at Sunbeam Lake in Seeley. Adventure activities include archery, rock climbing, outdoor cooking and fishing.
“High Adventure 2011 will help girls gain confidence by challenging themselves both mentally and physically as they conquer each activity,” said Kay Ann Fagan-Hodges, Imperial Valley Girl Scouts volunteer event coordinator.
After a day of high adventure, the girls will pledge to be “forever green,” part of their 100th anniversary campaign. Part of their pledge will be to respect the natural resources they spent the day enjoying. They will also pledge to go home and replace an incandescent light bulb with an energy-efficient one. To help kick-off her pledge, IID will give each girl a compact fluorescent light bulb.
According to Girl Scouts of the USA, if three million Girl Scouts replaced an incandescent light bulb with an ENERGY STAR® qualified light bulb, more than 1.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide would be saved each year.
“It’s important we empower our youth to grow up with respect and appreciation for our natural resources,” said Sabrina Barber, IID assistant energy manager. “Events such as these encourage conservation habits and sustainable practices.”
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About IID: As the third largest public power provider in California, IID reliably serves energy to approximately 146,000 customers in Imperial County and parts of Riverside and San Diego counties. Controlling over 1,000 megawatts of energy, IID’s diverse portfolio includes hydro, nuclear, natural gas, coal solar and biomass resources.
About Girl Scouts: Founded in 1912, Girl Scouts USA is the world’s premiere leadership organization for girls. It provides an accepting, nurturing environment where girls can develop leadership skills, cultivate lifelong friendships, serve their communities and grow through new and exciting experiences. All girls ages 5-17 of every racial, ethnic, socioeconomic or religious background are welcome. Girl Scouts is a non-profit organization that serves more than 3.8 million members.


IMPERIAL, Calif. – U.S. Border Patrol agents from the El Centro Sector recently rescued a distressed man in the desert and seized more than $1.5 million in narcotics.

The rescue occurred Friday at approximately 5:40 a.m., when Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro station located an injured man approximately 20 miles west of Calexico, Calif. The 39-year-old Mexican citizen claimed to have been stranded in the desert with a broken leg for several days. Border Patrol agents provided immediate care for the individual and contacted Emergency Medical Services. The man was transported to the El Centro Regional Medical Center for further treatment of his injuries. Agents later determined that the man had injured himself while making an illegal entry into the United States from Mexico.

Later that night at approximately 9:30 p.m., agents assigned to the Indio station encountered a red Toyota 4-Runner alongside the road near the Highway 86 Checkpoint. Agents became suspicious after interviewing the driver and requested that a canine team conduct a cursory inspection of the vehicle. The canine team alerted to the 4-runner and a thorough search resulted in the discovery of over 149 pounds of marijuana concealed within several non-factory compartments. The value of the marijuana is estimated at almost $120,000. The driver — a 20-year-old male U.S. citizen — was arrested and turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the vehicle and narcotics.

The following day, at approximately 5:40 a.m., Border Patrol agents encountered a white Ford Windstar at the Highway 86 Checkpoint. While in secondary inspection, a canine team performed a cursory inspection of the vehicle which resulted in a canine alert. After a thorough search of the vehicle, agents discovered over 42 pounds of cocaine hidden inside several non-factory compartments. The value of cocaine is estimated at nearly $1.4 million. The driver – a 28-year-old male U.S. citizen — was arrested and turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the vehicle and narcotics.


IMPERIAL VALLEY – Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced  the addition of four Department of Justice special agents to a multi-agency task force in Imperial County that targets the activities of transnational gangs, from street level crime to major international conspiracies.

“Violent gangs don’t respect borders any more than they respect the law,” Attorney General Harris said, “but the collaborative efforts of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have already made great strides in combating gang-related crimes along the border. My office is committed to doing whatever it takes to protect the citizens of California from gang violence and drug-running.”

Organized gangs represent a serious public safety threat in California and their crimes – from drug dealing to gun violence to premeditated murder – reverberate throughout the state.

Attorney General Harris and more than 20 other state leaders came together last week to discuss border violence and new opportunities to collaborate in the fight against drug gangs. The group included members of the law enforcement community, federal and state legislators, elected district attorneys, a US attorney, and a representative from the California Department of Corrections.

Along with a tour of the California-Mexico border and a drug smuggling tunnel, the group convened at the Law Enforcement Coordination Center in the town of Imperial. Founded in 1994 in a mobile home trailer, the Center today occupies a 20,000-square-foot facility staffed by more than 100 representatives of local, state and federal agencies.

The chair of the task force, Imperial County District Attorney Gilbert Otero, hosted the tour and roundtable discussion.

The attorney general tapped four Department of Justice agents to join the task force, including Special Agent Supervisor Javier Salaiz. Special Agent Salaiz, an expert on border and transnational gang issues, led the recent investigation into a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by a Tijuana drug cartel. The would-be victims – five family members – were said to have owed money to the drug cartel. The individuals who arranged the foiled murder-for-hire plot were arrested last month in Palmdale.


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