Calexico SCHOOL COUNSELOR CUTS-Immediate and Later Costs

Counselors in the Calexico Unified School District received walking papers (pink slips) this past week. Of the eleven district funded counselors, seven are slated to be terminated at the end of the school year. This will have immediate and long range effects on students, families, teachers, school administration and district income.

Imperial County Looses More Funding

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors welcomed Congressman Bob Filner this past Tuesday where he gave a report on the status of the budget and the port of entry.

U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, D-Chula Vista, announced last week in a press release that the Senate voted 87-13 to approve a bill that cuts $84 million in funding for Calexico Land Port-of-Entry improvements. The legislation was signed by the President.

Tax or Not to Tax?

By Mario Conde

Governor Jerry Brown’s efforts to have the legislature approve a special election in June and have the budget ready in his first 100 days now seems far away but a second option for the Governor could be to have a special election in November.

In Other Words

The Curmudgeon Speaks!

WE’RE BACK AFTER A TWO WEEK ABSENCE. One week for a vacation and personal business and a second, unplanned week of illness.
But, fortunately for us, nothing has changed much, as it rarely does in Holtville or Imperial Valley
As I was telling  someone who wanted to listen, Holtvillites would probably be perfectly happy to have mud streets and covered wagons with mules pulling them than adopt any modern ways. To hear them talk, we can get along without everything except the services that affect them directly.
Why, we can even get along without democracy. That’s why we have two unelected members of the Holtville City Council and  a third who never got voted on. Yessir, people in Holtville like their freedom.
Wouldn’t it be cool if a politician actually put himself on the ballot voluntarily? Wouldn’t it even be cooler if he did something that actually benefited the people of Holtville?
With that in mind, we are reminded that Holtville might actually upgrade Mack Park!!
Let’s see, we were told the city would build a skateboard park and a soccer field along with a motocross track at one time. We’re still waiting.
The playground equipment in Holt Park got upgraded, but that was because of the efforts of a group of concerned parents who wanted something better.
The city was also going to build a public safety building that we haven’t seen either.
Then there was the park along the Alamo River which raised its head only to disappear again.
Now we’re going to get Mack Park improvements. Little League and soccer Moms and Dads have lobbied for more fields, so we hope someone on the council will at least listen and follow through this time.
What will be the Appointed Council Members’  reasons for  letting this one die, if it does?  Let me guess: “We don’t have any money.”
We hope the city actually does something for the people who live here for once. It would be a rare occurrence, indeed. We will wait and see.
THE CITY MANAGER DECIDED SHE HAD ENOUGH in Holtville after being maligned and abused by the public for five years. So she’s calling it a career in Holtville. We had some very memorable business experiences together during that period, as she tried to fashion a modern city out of dirt  and dust.
While she was doing that and drawing the wrath of all concerned for doing it, I was getting sued  for telling the truth. In the end, I won out and she did get a few improvements in before the reactionaries closed her down.
I wish her well. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the mob and do what you think is right. I hope she has a lot more success elsewhere before she calls it a career.
Maybe she can get some Mack Park improvements in place before getting shouted down again.
Holtville, meanwhile still has plenty of mud, dust and dilapidated trailer parks to keep even the stingiest resident happy.
THE FAIR HAS COME AND GONE TOO. I actually missed working on our Fair Edition for the first time in 20 years. Flu virus will do that to you.
It was as close to being a work of art as we can make it. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, stop by our office and pick up a copy. The photos and features are as crisp as we have ever done and our advertisers got a great buy for their money, with outstanding artwork and exposure. Some folks would have you believe newspapers are dying. Ours is just getting better.
SPEAKING OF THE FAIR, this year’s edition was a little austere.
The tribute bands have run their course and perhaps the powers-that-be can pick up a recognizable name to perform in the main event once again.  I’ve talked to several people who have said the same thing. Tributes can only go so far.
Why in the world do you need a tribute to Taylor Swift, who is only 20 years old? To me, the “tribute” is just a wannabe band trying for recognition. They should go out and get an act of their own.
But mud, dust and dilapidated facilities aren’t limited to Holtville, are they?
Peace to all.