From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

By Luke Phillips
Holtville City Manager Laura Fischer announced last week that she would be resigning her post in three months for what she says are personal reasons.
“It’s just the right time for me to change my job,” Fischer said. “And it’s the right time for the city to get some new leadership.”
Fischer says the decision to leave was her choice and had nothing to do with pressure from the public or anyone else.
“There are always going to be political issues and the public is always going to raise their opinion and that’s what democracy is all about,” she said. “You’re never going to find a completely peaceful time in the community.”
Fischer has held the position of city manager since 2005 and helped see many city projects through to fruition including upgrades and improvements to city infrastructure, improvements to the city parks and a new contract with the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement in Holtville, all accomplishments that she says she’s very proud of.
Fischer also said that she’s most proud of the capable staff at City Hall.
“I’m so proud of the staff that we have working here,” she said. “It’s the best case scenario. People come and go through the years, but this group is really good. They’re a cohesive team that works well together. I’m very proud.”
Fischer says that there are still several unfinished projects in the city that she’d like to see completed soon, such as a hiking trail on the Alamo River and a skate park for the kids, and she says she’s spending her last few months in the position to prepare city staff and her replacement to tackle the projects.
“I’m working very hard to make it a smooth transition,” she said. “The council has several things on their project list. We made a good dent, but there are some things I’d like to see finished soon.”
Fischer says she hopes her replacement will be able to look at the job a little more objectively than she was able to.
“This has been my home forever,” Fischer said. “I’m passionate about it. Some times you get too close and too emotionally invested. I hope we can find someone a little more objective, not so entrenched in it like I am Someone who isn’t wearing blinders of love.”
As for the future, Fischer says she will continue her career and will probably look for a different city manager position elsewhere.
“I love this place and I’ll always have a home base here,” she said. “Sometimes it just means so much to you that you have to step back.”

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