From the daily archives: Friday, March 4, 2011

Holtville City Manager officially resigned her position this week. She met with the city council, department heads and the Holtville Tribune to discuss her resignation.

By doing so, she said, the city will spare itself a lengthy lawsuit and a threatened petition to put the utility tax up for a vote will be withdrawn. Fischer, who has lived in Holtville most of her life, has been the City Manager for five years. She is responsible for the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department taking over police duties here. She is also responsible for moving many of the city’s grant search duties and funding sources to the Holt Group. Which is also responsible for its engineering.

“I love this city and this is the right thing to do,” she said. “There are plenty of programs that have started that will continue on with some new guidance.” Fischer and the city began having problems when Appointed Councilman Jerry Brittsan said he didn’t like paying the utility tax and moved to have it done away with. She also had a lot of difficulties with Shane Brady, who started a petition drive to rid the city of the tax through his mother and also set in motion a lawsuit against Holtville. The lawsuit involved compliance with the city ordinance and threats he said the city made toward him.

According to Fischer, the petition drive has been halted and the lawsuit will probably be dropped. Her resignation is effective June 1st. She met with staff members, most of who were stunned by the announcement. “I’ve had a great staff to work with here. They have come up with many ways to increase the city’s money supply. From hauling sludge to finding money that was slipping through the cracks in the water department and finance department,” she said.

Holtville’s fire department has also been improved, going from a mostly volunteer force to providing protection 24/7 for the public with upgraded equipment and training. The police department also ahs new facilities, but a proposed public safety building, to house both police and fire departments has never been built.

In a letter to the Holtville Tribune, Fischer said:

“I have informed City Council and my employees of my decision to resign from the City of Holtville. After discussion with Council I will stay until a new City Manager can be hired or until June 1st.

“During that time, I will continue to perform all the duties and functions of the City Manager.”

Fischer went on to complement her staff that she said work hard their jobs who have shared in her successes.

She said she isn’t sure if their will be any reduction in staff because of this. She said, however, that she didn’t think a gradual reduction of the utility tax should affect major changes the way a single loss of the tax would do.” By my stepping down, the city will continue to prosper and some of the burden will be taken away.”

Fischer has also seen a half dozen new businesses move into the city in just the last year.


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