From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By  Mario Conde

The three main government agencies in Calexico could team up very soon to fix the Calexico Swimming pool that has been out of operation for about a year.

Due to an economic crisis in Calexico and major damages made because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last year, the swimming pool was closed indefinitely. After inspections were conducted by state engineers, the main building and shower/changing rooms were red tagged due to extensive damages to the building structure, pool and deck. The entire area was deemed unsafe for reentry and occupancy. Extensive cracks are evident throughout the swimming pool, the deck and adjacent building.

Councilman Daniel Romero, acting as Chairman of the Joint Powers Authority Board, expressed interest in a swimming pool project for the community. Romero made it clear to the board that his intention is not for the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District to finance the entire project or an equal partner. Romero wants the Hefferan Board to be part of the project throught their Wellness program.  For the Heffernan to be a contributor with the City of Calexico and the Calexico Unifed Schol District as part of their join projects  funding with pass-through money.

Councilman Luis Castro said that this swimming pool is needed for the community which could also be utiliezed by the senior citizens for their exercise and wellness program.

Heffernan Boardmember Gloria Grijala told the board that one long term goals of the medical district is juvenile obesity which this program can be used with the Swimming Pool.  The swimming pool is a joint partnerhsip between the Calexico Unified School District and the City of Calexico. The pool is on School District property but it is owned by the City.

Boardmember Sylvia Bernal said they will have to talk to their attorney since now funding will got to repairs and analyze how the board can participate in that sense. The Heffernan Board has particiapted in the past with wellness program at the swimming pool.

At the last City Council meeting, Councilman Romero gave direction to City Manager Oscar Rodriquez  to start speaking with the Calexico Unfied School District about the possiblity of starting a partnership with the Heffernan District and the City to fix the swimmng pool. City Manager Rodriquez said that he spoke with the Calexico Superinetendnet and he agreed to meet in the short future about fixing the swimming pool.

The swimming pool was the last request made by Margarita Denechochea before her passing two weeks ago. In a letter sent to all the newspapers, Margarita asked city official to start working on fixing the swimming pool since it would be beneficial for the youth, adults, and senior citizens in Calexico.

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