In Other Words

Welcome to the Carrot Festival

I WENT TO THE STATE OF THE CITY SPEECH IN CALEXICO last week and heard Mayor John Moreno talk about the many projects the city is involved in and how they have improved the quality of life for its residents.
He was realistic, however, in talking about the  city’s shortfalls in money and the furloughs that have had to be applied to the staff. Don’t go looking around city hall on Friday, because there won’t be anybody there.
Moreno did not talk about the subject that was foremost on everyone’s mind – the City Manager’s position.
City Manager Victor Carrillo was fired in a 3-2 “secret” vote in closed session that got out to the public through the media.
Then he was reinstated because the vote was improperly cast. So, now the city is appointing a new City Manager.
The City Manager’s position in Calexico has been up in the air for a long time. Our erstwhile reporter in the Border City, Mario Conde,  tells us that the city has had six, count’em six, city managers in the last four years. Now they’ve had seven.
Can’t these people get along with anybody?
The nature of the job puts the City Manager at the center of controversy all the time. But, he shouldn’t be everybody’s scapegoat on the city council.
In fact, we think those councilmen who voted Carrillo out, ought to be looking at their own knowledge and track record when it comes to  running the city. Passing the buck isn’t supposed to start with them.
But that is exactly what they have done. Things aren’t going well? Blame the city manager and fire him, or her. Don’t look for a solution or provide direction.  Even if that’s what they’re supposed to do. The lack of knowledge of some City Council Members is obvious if you ask them about a specific issue. The “I don’t know” answers outnumber the  straightforward ones. Which means they are not doing their homework, or any kind of work. Perhaps somebody ought to be considering firing them.
Any competent city manager is going to think twice about going to work in Calexico if this keeps up.
Yes, there is a big salary to consider. But damage to one’s career and job security come to mind as reasons not to take the job. The city council needs to get its act together and appoint someone who they can live with and future councils can live with.
Such shoot-from-the-hip tactics are a bad form of government. And they accomplish nothing.
Whatever the outcome, the council members who are responsible for this situation need to step back and stop acting like  children.
Maybe then, Calexico can get its government back to operating in a prosperous manner.
Perhaps they can take a look at Brawley, where the city managers have a pretty good longevity record. Obviously, their council has  a lot more respect for their positions and doesn’t see them as someone to blame and take the heat off them.
If Calexico can’t change its ways, then perhaps its time to vote out all those shortsighted, ignorant people and get somebody who knows what they are doing. It’s politics as usual once again in Calexico. Some level heads need to prevail. Carrillo has one, but he doesn’t appear to be in favor these days.
QUENTIN BURKE HAD SOME outstanding words for the people of Holtville about supporting your city and doing your part.
There are too many people touting negativity who only want their way and never look beyond that. Mr. Burke took the time to look beyond that. I’m printing his letter on this page for that reason. People everywhere should take heed.
THE HOLTVILLE CARROT FESTIVAL  gets under  way Friday with the crowning of a new Carrot Festival Queen and several princesses. Then there will be cooking contests all next week followed by the Big Parade  on Feb. 12th. Come and enjoy yourself. See what Holtville has to offer. You are sure to find plenty to see and do around Holt Park. And plenty to eat too. There will be food booths serving border and southwest foods, as well as some traditional fare. And you can look over all the booths selling unusual items for purchase. It’s a bargain hunters’ paradise for a day.
We’ll have plenty of coverage of this great event and you can read all about it in our Carrot Festival Edition which will be published Friday, 18, 2011. It’s as much of a tradition as the Carrot Festival itself. Hope to see you there.