Calexico City Council Designates City Manager – Carrillo Resigns

After a long closed session meeting, the Calexico City Council announced the resignation of Victor Carrillo and the designation of Oscar Rodriquez as acting City Manager.

Carrillo’s departure was heavily rumored since last week when the Council voted 3-2 to dismiss the City Manager at his evaluation meeting. In light of the events, Carrillo decided to submit his resignation Monday evening and a special closed session item was called upon to appoint a new City Manager. The council convened into closed session after the regular meeting was over. Mayor John Moreno left City Hall at 9:20 p.m. without making any comment while the closed session meeting was still going on. Minutes later, City Attorney Jennifer Lyon called Rodriquez into the meeting. Carrillo was later summoned to the meeting and left City Hall afterwards.

The Council and City Attorney went back to the Council Chambers at 10:15 p.m. to announce the decision. Lyon announced that the Council accepted the resignation of Carrillo effective Feb. 10th and Oscar Rodriquez was going to start as acting City Manager the following Monday. Rodriquez is a former Calexico and Brawley City Manager and has been RDA Director in El Centro. Rodriquez is also a consultant for the Calexico Housing Authority. Rodriquez was hired back to Calexico after a ten year absence in April 2010 as Economic Development Director and Assistant Executive Director for the Calexico Redevelopment Agency.

Carrillo was voted City Manager on July 2009 following the departure of Ralph Velez. Carrillo decided to apply for that position while still serving as County Supervisor. With his departure and the appointment of Rodriquez, Calexico will now have its seventh City Manager in the last five years.

Those that have been City Manager in Calexico since 2005 including interim and permanent managers are: Marlene Best, Kevin Northcraft, Ralph Velez, Louis Fuentes, Judy Hashem, Victor Carrillo, and now Oscar Rodriquez.

City Manager Carrillo was evaluate constantly by the Council since May of last year and became more frequent when the new council took over last July. Carrillo will leave the city running in a $ 5 million dollar deficit. He has three month severance pay.