The 2011 Sore Throat Survey by Chloraseptic® of Prestige Brands

The makers of Chloraseptic® sore throat relief products, in conjunction with TABS Group, an independent consumer analytics company, today announced the findings of the 2011 Survey on Sore Throats. The study of nearly 1,000 people was commissioned to explore today’s wide-ranging causes of sore throat pain and the remedies people use to treat them. The study findings come at a critical time of year when people are at the highest risk for the flu and colds, which are known to often be accompanied by sore throats.

“Chloraseptic spray, to soothe throats raw from screaming”

Despite the seasonal effects that cause sore throat pain, the survey revealed information about other causes—non-medical and activity-based causes of sore throat pain. Whereas 72% of respondents listed cold and the flu as having caused sore throats, the prevalence of activity-based sore throats was not far behind.

The survey suggests that football fans, Oprah fans and screaming parents should be armed with sore throat remedies as well. Twenty-eight percent of respondents suffered from sore throat pain due to cheering and screaming. Perhaps that’s why Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune pointed out in a recent article that Oprah should have also given her audience a sample of “Chloraseptic spray, to soothe throats raw from screaming” on her famous “Favorite Things” episodes.

In addition to screaming, the survey showed that individuals associated with certain professions are susceptible to sore throats. The careers most commonly associated with sore throat pain, were singers (53%) and auctioneers (40%), perhaps because of the strain they often put on their voices. Healthcare workers (47%) and teachers (37%) are also perceived to be at risk possibly due to their constant exposure to airborne-illnesses.

The survey also found that 54% percent of respondents have sore throat pain caused by dry air. The winter season is a busy time for flights, ski trips and other outdoor and high-altitude activities. Those activities, combined with heated environments, heighten people’s exposure to dryness resulting in sore throats.

“The findings are a testament to the fact that during winter months, colds and the flu are not the only causes for sore throat pain; rather there are many other causes as well,” said Jean Boyko, PhD., Vice President Science & Technology for Prestige Brands, maker of Chloraseptic® products. “That is why it is important to always have OTC products like sore throat lozenges and sprays on hand.”

The 2011 Chloraseptic® Survey on Sore Throats polled a representative sample of 903 respondents. Here are other key findings:

  • People under 30 are over 80% more likely to have sore throat pain caused by excessive partying
  • Dry air was the most commonly-cited cause for sore throats outside of any cold or the flu, as listed by 65% of respondents
  • Dehydration was cited by 18% of respondents
  • 55% of respondents listed throat pain relief as the top reason for buying a particular sore throat remedy brand, followed by 38% saying they buy a particular brand because it works instantly

According to the makers of Chloraseptic® products, sore throats can be eased by a number of at-home and over-the-counter solutions. For treating sore throat pain:

  • Use Chloraseptic® Lozenges or Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Spray to relieve sore throat pain
  • Increase fluid intake to decrease throat irritation and stay hydrated
  • Gargle with warm salt water
  • Add honey to warm beverages or use OTC products that contain honey to soothe sore throat pain, especially for children ages 1 to 4, for whom medicines are contraindicated

About the Products

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