John Renison and Ray Castillo Take Oath

By Mario Conde

A new era in the County Board of Supervisors started this past Monday as John Renison and Raymond Castillo took oath of office.

John Renison and Ray Castillo were elected this past November with strong support of the constituents of District one and District five respectively. Castillo replaces Wallly Leimgruber who served the fifth district for twelve years. Renison, on the other hand, is taking the place of Louis Fuentes, former chairman of the County Board who was appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger to the board in October of last year.

The incoming Supervisors were given the oath of office by Judge Juan Ulloa.

In his opening remarks, Supervisor Ray Castillo said that the beginning of a new decade will be a good one for the Imperial Valley. He said that there is still a lot to learn but said very optimistic of the future of the Imperial Valley now that it’s moving towards green technology that will create much needed jobs to the valley.

Supervisor John Renison thanked those who supported him during his campaign for office.  Renison remembered his first election to the Calexico City Council and his IID run saying that there is no such thing as a bad experience, but you can learn from those experiences to become a better person. He said that he will reach out to people in his district to listen to his demands and also work with the other supervisors in harmony for the betterment of the valley.

“This is not only a Calexico thing; I want to work and meet with the constituents of Supervisor Gary Wyatt, Mike Kelley, Ray Castillo, and Jack Terrazas.” Renison said.

The election of Renison and Castillo marks a historic time in County government since it’s the first time in Imperial Valley history that three of its members are Hispanic. Vice-chairman Jack Terrazas will be appointed Chairman of the Board for 2011 at next week’s regular board meeting.