Jerry Brown Returns to Governors Seat

By Mario Conde

Jerry Brown took oath this Monday as the new Governor of California starting an administration full of challenges ahead.

California Governor Jerry Brown returns to the highest office in the state after 36 years of his first run as governor. Brown receives the State with a huge deficit and the worst credit in all of the United States. The governor said that the people of California have spoken and are telling them that they want to see a change because California is in the wrong track since both parties cannot agree on a budget or ways to fix the credit rating.

“Perhaps this is the reason why the public holds the state government in such low esteem. And that’s a profound problem, not just for those of us who are elected, but for our whole system of self-government. Without the trust of the people, politics degenerates into mere spectacle; and democracy declines, leaving demagoguery and cynicism to fill the void.” Brown said.

Brown, however, warn Californians that the coming year will require courage and a lot of sacrifices in order to fix California’s economy. Brown called the legislature to rise above ideology and perform the duties that the people of California have entrusted them.

“The budget I present next week will be painful, but it will be an honest budget. The items of spending will be matched with available tax revenues and specific proposals will be offered to realign key functions that are currently spread between state and local government in ways that are complex, confusing and inefficient. My goal is to achieve greater accountability and reduce the historic shifting of responsibility back and forth from one level of government to another. The plan represents my best understanding of our real dilemmas and possibilities. It is a tough budget for tough times” He said.

Brown promised that his administration will not make empty promise and will speak the truth and will create smoke and mirrors on the budget and no empty promise. Brown also said that there will be no new taxes unless people vote for them. Brown also said that he will return decisions and authority back to cities, counties and schools so the power is closer to the people.

The swearing in of Lieutenant Governor-elect, Gavin Newsom, was postpone until mid-January since he had to stay there until January so he could allow the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors to look for his replacement.

Also, Baja California Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan and Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante were in Sacramento for the ceremony and met with Governor Brown. They agreed to continue to continue with projects that are common interest for both states such as economic development and border security that were not completed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. One key issue that they agreed on it to work on the border wait times and work to lower crossing times that is affecting the economy in both sides of the border. Osuna invited Brown to the Border Governor’s Conference this September that will take place in Ensenada.