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Huffers & Puffers Are A Selfish Lot; Brown Out To Drain The Cities

LAST WEEK’S HOLTVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEETING makes you wonder where people put their brains. That includes at least one City Council member.
Seems Councilman Jerry Brittsan has decided to derail the programs he helped put in place over the last 19 years, so he can save himself $31.00 a month.
So he got a whole bunch of people who are disgruntled with paying for anything to the City Council Meeting Jan. 10th.
Well, they huffed and they puffed and they ranted and raved and insulted everyone in the city government They were outraged about having to pay for police and fire protection and for someone to maintain their parks.
Some people say they were there to protest the utility tax which the council is reviewing to determine if it should be extended.
But the tax holds up the city’s public safety units and changing it can only change that for the worse. But that didn’t stop everyone from huffing and puffing. In fact, some of them indicated they didn’t want a modern fire department. I guess they would rather have a department where the firemen would have to wake up in the middle of the night, get dressed, then drive to the fire station to meet other firemen and then the whole bunch would drive to the scene of the fire before putting it out, if there was anything left to put out. They’d also rather wait for an ambulance to come all the way from El Centro to help them if someone was hurt and needed immediate attention.
That is, until it happens to them. Then they would be huffing and puffing once again about the lack of service. Perhaps those folks could call Brittsan if they have an emergency and he could come over.
Shane Brady decided to huff and puff because he had to get a building permit to improve his property and wasn’t happy when the city sent him nasty letters, he claims. What that had to do with the utility tax I’ll never know.
But he stated unequivocally that he “didn’t care” if Holtville didn’t have any money to operate with.
Well, some of us do care. I happen to be one of them. Holtville has a solvent government and is able to operate like a modern city for the first time in its history thanks to Laura Fischer.
She also brought in lots of grant money for local projects, something that nobody else has done.
Her reward, of course, is to have a handful of people who are so selfish that they could care less what happens to their town. They want everything for themselves and if Fischer gets a decent salary just like the other cities then she ought to be hung. According to them. If they hung her, then they could get an extra 50 cents a month in their pocket.
Holtville needs some rational thinking. And all those selfish folk who see only their own interests, should pay more attention to what they are huffing and puffing about. Otherwise, the lack of public safety they will cause is going to hurt someone.
Johnson was nominated at least a dozen times for the Citizen of the Year Award given out by the Chamber. They turned him down, mainly because of his sordid background. Now that he has passed away they have decided to give him the award he so richly deserved.
We all need to take a better look at the good someone is doing, not at their background. We hope the Chamber will give its awards to people while they are living, rather than  waiting too long because of pettiness.
GOVERNOR BROWN has taken up where Schwarzenegger left off.
He’s decided the best way to balance the state’s budget is to rob all the cities of much needed funds by doing away with the Redevelopment Agency funds that keep a lot of projects and people afloat. Most cities larger than Holtville have full time people taking charge in the RDA. Calexico even brought back a good ‘ol boy to run its RDA because they thought he could do a better job.
Well, unfortunately, he won’t be able to if he has no money. The city managers  are meeting to form some strategy. But if Brown goes through with his plan, then a lot of people are going to be out of work. I guess he hasn’t heard that putting people out of work doesn’t help the economy or a recession.
It’s going to be a long four years if he keeps this up. But it might make some of the huffers and puffers happy. Perhaps they can save another 50 cents.