In Other Words 01-14-11

ANGER – IT’S AN OVERUSED WORD THESE DAYS. It would appear that the media has discovered it, but isn’t exactly sure how to use it.
Well, I can add my own version. I’m angry over the extremist views that were shouted all over the place – from TV, billboards, internet sites and newspapers – about the candidates for office and some people’s views of the Obama Administration.
Those people who spewed this venom are part of the cause of the shooting which took place in Arizona and the lives of six people, including a nine year old girl.
What’s next for those in mass circulation? Inciting to riot? The nastiness I saw and heard before the election and after it was appalling.
That only leads to emotionally disturbed people taking a look at the actions of supposedly normal people and thinking they can do that too – literally.
That’s why you wind up with mass shootings, mass murder and mass hysteria. You’d think that would make it stop once it is encountered. But no. The madmen and extremists come again faster than anyone can cope with them.
On the heals of the shooting in Arizona comes reports that a group of zealots wanted to picket the funeral of a nine year old girl because they say she was killed through God’s will.
So, here they are, out there stirring up the masses to more action than just protesting and trying to get their mugs on television or in the newspaper to call attention to their cause.
Meantime we all have to live with the grief caused by this tragedy. We should all be shaking hands with our neighbors and friends instead of finding ways to one-up them or bash them verbally or otherwise.
It’s time for the politicians to cool the rhetoric – such as House Speaker John Boehner – and get back to trying to do something that benefits the people of the country.
Until some common sense takes hold, you may find more instances of such outrageous acts  creeping into our daily lives.
We’ve now heard from the politicians who think they should have more security at our expense because of this one instance. How about if they get together and talk about some campaign rules that don’t include name-calling and slanderous advertising.
Politicians in Imperial Valley this last election thought it was OK to call their opponents names and bring along crowds of supporters who would offer up catcalls and boos to their opponents.
EVEN IN HOLTVILLE have we had the people stirred up to come out and protest a tax they think should be done away with. Again, insults and shouting spew forth instead of some kind of dialogue that both sides can live with. And that wasn’t in the past either. That was Monday evening in the Carrot Capital.
I happen to be a supporter of the utility tax and was one of the people who served on a committee to get it established.
The man who is huffing and puffing the loudest against it  helped get it in place, if my memory serves me correctly. Yes, some taxes would be done away with, but its rare when they are.
There is also the question of what are you going to do to replace it?
The money supposedly goes to the police and fire departments as well as public works. You cut it out and you will probably have too little money to support the county sheriff’s office policing the city. You will also have a cut back in fire services which took several years to get into place.
Some irrational folk think you can get by with the same types of things they had 50 years ago. Unfortunately, you can’t. If your house is on fire, you don’t want a horse drawn wagon with a pumper on the back to come put it out. If you’ve been in an accident and need medical treatment immediately, you want it to be available 24/7.
Saving a couple of dollars on your utility bill isn’t going to change much in your life. Dropping a  tax without a way to offset it, however, will do just that.
Keep the utility tax in place, and its doubtful you will miss the three dollars or so a month it costs you. You will, however, miss having enough protection to keep you feeling safe in your town. Spend $30 a month and get $900,000 worth of service. That’s not a bad deal at all.
I think it is time that all sides sit down and discuss the matter reasonably, if that’s possible in Holtville.
You will be surprised that once you get past the huffing and puffing what good ideas people come up with.
Try a little peace for a change.