Calexico State of the City

By Mario Conde

Calexico Mayor John Moreno gave his State of the City address last Thursday highlighting the challenges and the upcoming development projects in Calexico.

Mayor Moreno said in his speech that even when the city is in a big fiscal crisis, City staff has work diligently to continue with its services. Moreno said the Calexico is a resilient and will overcome these challenge. Moreno highlighted the accomplishments of each department during this fiscal year.

Moreno said that economic development is coming to the City but first they must overcome the possible elimination of the Redevelopment Agency since its might be eliminated in July.

“We are going to work closely with our State representatives Juan Vargas and Manuel Perez to ensure that RDA is not eliminated and continue so we can continue to support groups like Neighborhood House and Catholic Charities.”

Moreno announced projects like the Grand Plaza, Towncenter and the Casino. In regards of the Grand Plaza, the Mayor said that the Council approved an agreement with consultants to issue a bond to the Charles Company for infrastructure improvements for the development of the outlet center to locate on Second Street. The project is part of the re-alignment of Second Street that will be done thanks to the support of FAA grants.

The Towncenter Plaza is near construction since back in October the Planning Commission approved a neurological medical center that will support veterans. This medical center will be the first of two projects that will develop soon in that area.

Moreno said the Casino project is still waiting for the approval of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and said that its moving forward now that a there was a resolution of a lawsuit over the property the Casino is proposed to be.