Showcase, Grandstand & Facebook, Oh My!

People often ask me “Chris, you intellectual paragon, what did you think of the Business Showcase this year?”
Far be it from me to lodge complaints against an event…  I know, I know…
It was a good event this year, and there seemed to be a feeling of high hopes around the building  and the people both in front of and walking around the booths.
I was also able to get a few embarassing photos that I’m saving for a special moment!
<insert sinister laughter here>
Firstly, setting up during this year’s event was smoother than ever before, with a 15-minute time limit to unload near the Preble Building.
Allowing vendors to unload near the venue and getting them out of the way so others can do the same was really awesome.
Still, it would be nice to have some more organization towards the end of the event than the usual rush of people trying to get out once the final raffle ticket is announced.
There was a traffic jam of cars attempting to pack up and leave early, which I guess couldn’t be avoided given the impatience of some in the Valley.
Still, if there was a similar setup for leaving as there was for entering, that would have been awesome.
Maybe a priority for those who arrive early could be enforced for 2012?
Also, while I am friends with Gary Redfern, could we get someone else to do the announcing next year?
Just saying, a change of pace would be welcome.

Brawley Reaches Out To Cancer Patient With BBQ Fundraiser

A photo of Anthony Garcia, taken just after helping his team win the Bell Game and signed by his teammates and friends, hung in the Hidalgo Hall Sunday during a fundraiser in his honor. Garcia was diagnosed with cancer and is currently beginning chemotherapy treatments in San Diego. The BBQ fundraiser generated over $16,000 for Anthony’s treatments and hospital bills. Chris Furguson Photos.

By Chris Furguson
On Sunday, January 23, 2011, a fundraiser was held at the Brawley Hidalgo Hall in order to raise money for Anthony Garcia, a BUHS senior who was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year.
According to Miguel Miranda, one of the organizers of the event, over $16,000 was raised by the end of the evening, through BBQ plates, T-shirt sales and direct donations.
The diagnosis came when Anthony was taken to the emergency room and his parents, Rusty and Lupe Garcia, were told that he had cancer.  Anthony was later diagnosed with cancer in the liver/pancreas, spine, lymph nodes and stomach.
The fundraiser was organized in part by Miguel Miranda, Brawley City council member and a friend of Rusty’s through the Hidalgo Society.
Five local bands, Recuerdos, Los Continentales, Turie and the Crew, Latin Connection, Black Jack and Mojo Jive, contributed their music to the fundraiser.
“I’m so grateful for the outpouring of support,” said Rusty during the BBQ as he was joined by his younger son Rusty Jr. and daughter Amanda.  Anthony’s mother, Lupe, was still with her son at Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  “Anthony’s a fighter and he’s going to beat this.”
Rusty Garcia is a member of the BUHS Board of Trustees.
Anthony Garcia was part of the 2010 Brawley Wildcats football team that made it to the second round of the CIF playoffs.  The team also won the Bell from Central and had a share of the IVL title with Southwest.
A photo of Anthony hung in the Hall.  The photo was signed by Anthony’s teammates and friends.
T-shirts were also available at the fundraiser.
Anyone interested in donating to the “Friends of Rusty & Lupe Garcia” committee can contact Miguel Miranda at (760) 344-3235.

No Vote In Calexico School Board Vacancy

By Mario Conde

Pictured are from Left to Right: Norma Aguilar, Gloria Romo, Joong Kim, and Ruth Duarte.

The Calexico School board failed to choose a new member of the board since there was no majority vote to elect one of the two applicants interviewed Tuesday.

The board held its regular meeting this past Tuesday and had the interviews for the applicants that wanted to fill the vacancy left by Ruben De La Rosa last year. Five applicants applied but three withdrew their application. Guillermo Hermosillo, Edward Higuera, Lorenzo Calderon, Rudy Maldonado, and Antonio Valenzuela were the five the applied.