2011 Imperial County Joint Chambers Business Showcase Thursday January 13th

HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH ANOTHER BUSINESS SHOWCASE. That’s Thursday, if you haven’t heard about it.
It’s at the Fairgrounds in the Preble Building once again, but we’re not sure of the size of the turnout we will have for it.
There’s enough gloom and doom prognosticators around to keep some folks home.
We hope instead they will get out and see what Imperial Valley has to offer, which is a considerable amount of goods and services.
Just take us. We’ll be showing off today everything new and modern about our newspapers. That includes our website that is getting more popular by the day. Just a couple of weeks ago we were averaging 1500 hits a day. Now we’re up to 2900.
THIS YEAR WE ARE TOPPING 31,000 HITS per month on a regular basis. It you are a website person you should get into this scene. We’re everywhere you can think of.
If you’re an advertiser it’s a good way to get your message out to the public. If you’re a reader it’s a good way to keep up with breaking news.
You can also get that news in some cases in the pages of the newspaper too. We offer a variety of ways to keep you informed.
We’ll be passing out newspapers and other goodies at the Business Showcase once again to get the message out that you have an alternative to other print media right here in Imperial Valley.
Sorry Brian Williams, but we’re still in business and plan to stay that way. Old Brian of NBC likes to talk with relish about the demise of newspapers. Since he’s a TV man would it be to his benefit to do this? But that’s another story for another day.
Enjoy the show, pick up a lot of the goodies that will be available, stop by our booth and remember to use the products and services right here in your hometown. The job you save, may be your own.
THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF FOOD TOO. Luke Phillips writes about the restaurants that will be represented at the showcase, providing you with treats of all kinds. There will be plenty to fill you up and plenty to try out at later dates.
YOU WILL ALSO GET A LOOK AT some of the activities that are available around the Valley for all of us. These include Chamber of Commerce mixers and special events that usually fill up the calendar for newspapers like ours.
Imperial Valley is a great place to be with all of its unique cities and special events. The Business Showcase is the place to find out more about them. Maybe you won’t have to make that long trek to San Diego if you need something. You’ll also be able to find better prices and new businesses that are currently making the scene here. Many of them offer just what you want, because the Valley is a changing market.
While some people are still talking gloom and doom, there is a sense of optimism that hasn’t been here for the last couple of years. We think this is a positive trend upward that will lead to more boom years and less bust years.
WE’VE BEEN AT EVERY BUSINESS SHOWCASE since it started some 12 years ago. In fact, I even served on t he committee that set up the original. It’s evolved over the years to being more genuine shoppers and business people out for the afternoon and evening.
One of the bigger thrills for me is saying hello to all the people I haven’t seen for the last year and catching up on what they are doing. It is a great way to renew acquaintances as well as promote your products or services. There is a steady stream of folks from the time the doors open at 3;30 p.m to the time they officially bring things to an end at 7:30 p.m.
And don’t forget that we will bring you continuous coverage the following week with our award winning photos and news of the events that have taken place. Be there or be square.
This special edition is brought to you be the people who produce the Imperial Valley Weekly/Chronicle each week. They are Chris Furguson, Jim Predmore, Brenda Torres, Rosa Nogueda, Irene Aragon, Gene Carl and Luke Phillips. And, of course our delivery people who get it to you as soon as possible. They include Guillermo Garcia, Johnny Nogueda, Rodolfo Ibarra and Joe Saiza.
They work hard for  weeks to turn out the ads and stories you find in here, and then spend the day trying to help showgoers find out more about our products and services. If you see our crew members, give them a pat on the back!