Wind Zero Project

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors decided Monday to continue with the public hearing in regards of the Wind Zero project in Ocotillo.

The controversial project has been the subject of dispute by Ocotillo residents that have argued that the proposed law enforcement training center will disrupt and change negatively their way of life. The projects owns 944-acre site that will have a shooting range and track among other facilities that will support the training of law enforcement and military groups in the United States.

Wind Zero was founded in 2006 by former US Navy SEALs with a vision to build a comprehensive training facility to serve law enforcement, the military and public agencies. The proponents of this project say that with this facility it will allow valley residents to stay in the valley and receive their law enforcement academy training here in the valley.

The Board of Supervisors postponed the project back in March since the developer of this project changed the environmental impact report of the project and was changed from Wind Zero to Coyote Wells Specific Plan. The County Planning Department had to redo all the process of this project once again.  Last Monday, the Board was to hold a long public hearing and make the final decision after months of postponing but since the developer of this project presented new plans at the meeting, the board decided to continue this item until next week at their regular meeting.

The board, however, did take comments for or against the project having Ocotillo residents speaking against the project emphasizing the environmental impacts the project will have, the level of noise, among other issues. Supporters of this project were the developer of the project and some law enforcement agents of Imperial County. After some deliberation, the board decided to continue this meeting to Dec. 21 at 1:30 p.m. at the County Administration Building in El Centro.