Calexico Pro Soccer Player Issac Acuna Has a New Team

By Mario Conde

Calexico Pro Soccer player Issac Acuna now has a new team and will play for Queretaro this January.

Calexico PAL Athlete Issac Acuna realized the dream of many soccer fans in the Imperial Valley by debuting this past April with Club America, one of the biggest and most historical teams in Mexico and Latin America.

Acuna played the last 10 minutes on the victory of his team against Jagurares de Chiapas and has not been able to play since then. Coach Jesus Ramirez, who presented Issac in the first division circuit, was let go and the team brought Coach Manuel Lapuente who is a multi-time champion in Mexico. Also, new superstars came to the team and also made more difficult Acuna’s chance to play. However, Issac continued to play for the 1A team on regular basis.

PAL Athletic Director Carmen Estrada confirmed Issac’s transfer to Querataro were he will be a regular player at the beginning of the season in the middle of January. He is still with America and will return when Issac gains more experience, she said. Queretaro has been on the first division for almost a year but they still need to accumulate victories in order to remain in the first division.

“I think this is good for Issac because he needs to grow as a player and maybe one day he can be on the national soccer team.” Estrada said.

Issac’s brother is following his footsteps and now is playing with the third division team of Club America hoping that one day he can achieve what his brother accomplished.

Aside from Issac, the Calexico PAL also has another player playing soccer in Mexico. One of its athletes is playing with the Xolostzquincles of Tijuana who are very close to ascending to the first division circuit now that became champions this season. If Tijuana wins again the championship in June they will ascend to the first division and Calexico will have its second pro soccer player in Mexico

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