Calexico Port-of-Entry Construction Authorization

Congressman Bob Filner, a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is pleased to announce that Congress has approved a resolution authorizing expansion of the Calexico land port-of entry (LPOE).  The resolution authorizes the General Services Administration (GSA) to reconfigure and expand the existing LPOE in downtown Calexico, California.

“At my request, primary POV inspection facilities will include 16 northbound inspection lanes and 5 southbound inspection lanes, instead of GSA’s original proposal of 3 southbound lanes,” stated Filner.  “This project will greatly improve the flow of traffic and pedestrians though the downtown Calexico LPOE.”

The project includes new pedestrian processing and privately-owned vehicle (POV) inspection facilities, a new headhouse to provide supervision and services to the non-commercial vehicle inspection area, new administration offices and a parking structure. The expanded facilities will occupy both the existing inspection compound and the site of the former commercial inspection facility, decommissioned in 1996 when commercial traffic was redirected to the newly completed LPOE six miles east of downtown Calexico.

The project will be constructed in two phases.  Phase I will consist of 10 northbound POV inspection lanes, a headhouse and site work necessary to accommodate those facilities on the sloping site.  Phase II will consist of the balance of the project including additional site work, a pedestrian processing facility, administrative offices, five southbound POV inspection lanes, six additional northbound POV inspection lanes and the parking structure.

The authorizing resolution was passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on December 2nd.  The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved an identical resolution on November 30th.   The total estimated project cost is $298,250,000.  A total of $23,787,000 has already been spent on planning and design.  Congress must now appropriate the remaining funding for the project to begin construction.  GSA has requested $84,359,000 for construction in FY2011.