Calexico City Council approved the Calendar Year 2011 Assessment

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved the Calendar Year 2011 Assessment for the Calexico Downtown Business Improvement District.

This past Tuesday, BID Chairman Eduardo Lopez made a presentation to the Council about the work and accomplishments of the BID these last two years. The BID represents the Downtown Area and Imperial Ave merchants. The BID’s goals and accomplishments were the creation of new traditions in Downtown Calexico such as the creation of events like the Halloween Carnival, Cars show, etc. The presentation also highlighted the installation and maintenance of portable restrooms at key locations in Downtown. Lopez also mentioned the role of the BID the weeks and days after the earthquake and the work that was done to return downtown to its normality.

A report prepared by the Calexico Redevelopment Agency on behalf of the BID Advisory Board on Calendar Year 2011 expenditures sets out the estimated expenditures for activities and improvements for the next calendar year to be $80,000.00. $40,000.00 is the estimated amount that will be carried over from 2010, which includes amounts from other sources such as fees paid for booth rental, promotional sponsorships and in-kind sponsorships.

The estimated amount to be collected in assessments is estimated to be $40,000.00. The assessment is calculated on 400 business licenses at $100.00 each. The total amount estimated to be available for BID activities is $80,000.00 for 2011. The fees assessed and collected will be used for the following activities: marketing and promotional activities, including but not limited to 6 major public events to include advertising, entertainment, and general promotion of the Business Improvement District; maintenance activities; traffic analysis; security including and not limited to code enforcement activities; decoration of any public place in the area.

The Council congratulated the BID for a job well done for the Downtown Merchants and for now supporting Imperial Ave. by having the parade go through Imperial.  The Council approved the budget calendar unanimously for 2011.