Parking Tickets Cost Goes Up in Calexico

By Mario Conde

Parking citations in the City of Calexico will increase in the month of December for those that violate the parking code.

In an effort to balance the general fund of the State of California, the Governor signed into law a new law that requires that an additional $3.00 be assessed to parking violations that are collected by public agencies. This new fees will begin on December 7, 2010.

In the past the City of Calexico charged $20 and seven of those dollars went to the County. The County then gave $1.50 to the Criminal Justice Facilities fund, County General fund got $1.00, State Immediate and Critical Needs Account gets $3.00, and the State Court Facilities Funds received $1.50. The new Parking Citation Penalty will give $3.00 to the State from parking citations in California. Calexico used to pay seven dollars to the county and keep $13 dollars but with the new fee will be forced to pay $10.

With this decision, the City will now charge $23 for parking meter overtime, $38 for parking in the red zone, handicap parking $108, and $63 for trucks and buses parked in residential areas. If a citation is not paid 21 days after the citation there will be a $5 increase.

In other news, the council decided not to go forward with the recommendation to hire Oliver Alvarado as interim planning director now that Armando Villa is going to the County to work as  Planning Director. Alvardo retired as City employee early this year after thirty years of working as Senior Planner in Calexico. Alvarado’s contract called to have him work $75 an hour.

Villa’s last week as planning director will be next Wednesday and the City anticipates they will have its replacement in a three month period. Councilman Bill Hodge agreed that he has a lot of experience but asked as to way they cannot get the Associate planner to take the interim role and not bring someone from the outside. Councilmembers Hodge, Hurtado, and Castro voted againts the proposal while Romero and Moreno voted againts it.

Finally, the Council gave green light to have sidewalk sales for the period of November 19, 2010 to December 31, 2010 for the Christmans Season sale.