Calexico State of the City Address

By Mario Conde

After three years of challenges and victories, Mexicali Mayor Rodolfo Valdez gave his last State of the City address.

Last week, Mexicali Mayor Rodolfo Valdez Gutierrez gave his third and final State of the City Address in front of former Mayors of Mexicali from the last 20 years. Valdez ends his three year term as Mayor at the end of the month and he will pass the torch to the newly elected Mexicali Mayor, Francisco Perez-Tejada Padilla. This past July the Political Action Party, or, PAN had a tremendous loss in the election losing all of the five municipalities including the capital of the State, Mexicali.

Regardless of the defeat, Valdez stated in this address that he will turn over the City better than before.

“During the last three years, the Government of Mexicali invested in public infrastructure and be the base for development, therefore and regardless of economic crisis, financially, we have tripled the investment on public infrastructure in comparison of the last administration.” Valdez said on his speech.

Valdez said that his administration has respected human rights and has respected freedom of expression. He mentioned that in his three years as mayor, he didn’t  attack any groups or use public force against them. The outgoing Mayor said he never bought anyone or attacked any journalist for expressing their freedom of the press.

“We have a municipality which its police force has been certified internationally that shows its quality and making this City one of the safeties in Mexico. We are gave our constituents basic services and extraordinary actions in volumes never seen before. We gave our city a modernization project in transportation ready for its execution.” He said.

“We now live in a city that is urbanized, cleaner, healthy, competitive, and with the spirit of its people made stronger by the obstacles that have been overcome that will prepare us for the challenges of the future.”

De Anza Hotel in Calexico being renovated at this moment and its expect to be open again in April