From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

By Mario Conde

San Diego State looks to expand opportunities for college students by improving its freshman program.

The freshman program at San Diego State University has been around for five year giving High School kids the opportunity to go to SDSU-Calexico right after High School. For SDSU Dean David Pearson, this program needs to be expanded and increase the number of freshman students at the university in order to allow more incoming college students have access to higher education. Pearson said that an alliance between SDSU and Imperial Valley College will allow that to happen.

“Our goal here is to know how we can give more access to higher education in the Imperial Valley. Staff from the SDSU and Imperial Valley College have meet in recent weeks to see how we can create a model were we can establish have more access to higher education.”

Pearson said that only 11% of adults here in the Imperial Valley have a bachelor’s degree and said that is something that has to be solved. The dean said that another problem is that in the educational system today, very few that finish high school and go to IVC don’t finish their education.

“We are not growing our level of education and culture for careers in business. The numbers for the freshman program is very little and one of my goals when I took over as Dean of San Diego State have mechanism to expand the number of freshman in SDSU and we have analyzed the possibility of collaborating with Imperial Valley College and double and expand the number of students entering to SDSU.”Pearson said.

Pearson said that the partnership would be to share classrooms, teachers, classes, and educate more students with the quality of San Diego State.

“Speaking to bankers and business owners they need people with educated people with college preparation to work in green technology, education, and other areas but we don’t have enough people prepared right now. Our goal is to give more access to education here in the Imperial Valley.”

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