Cattle Call Kids Rodeo Pictures and Video

The youngsters were able to get an up close look at the Cattle Call Rodeo on Tuesday morning at the Cattle Call Arena.

Its was a morning filled with fun and excitement for preschoolers and special needs children as they got to see the clowns, horses, cattle, cowboys and cowgirls as the Cattle Call Rodeo gave them a preview of what is coming for this weekend for Brawley’s Cattle Parade and Rodeo.

Sad But True Crime Scam Targeted Holocaust Survivors Fund

For nearly six decades, a not-for-profit corporation known as The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany—or the Claims Conference—has been overseeing German government funds that assist Holocaust survivors.

So you can imagine our surprise and concern when we uncovered evidence that it had been the victim of fraud.

This afternoon at a New York City press conference, we announced that six corrupt Claims Conference employees in its Manhattan office—along with 11 other conspirators—have been charged in a decade-long scheme to defraud the organization and legitimate Holocaust victims out of more than $42 million.

Calexico in Financial Crisis

By Mario Conde

The City of Calexico had a special meeting Tuesday to see the current financial situation of the City for this year.

The current fiscal year budget faces a shortfall of $1.5 million that was reported in August due to over expenditures in some departments. The City faced a $5.5 million dollar shortfall last summer. The Council approved as series of cuts in spending and went for layoffs of short-term, limited-term, and probationary employees in order to have the shortfall by the June 30 erased. Hashem said at Tuesday’s meeting that the majority of the money used in the general fund is to pay salaries and benefits.

Soccer Fever

By Mario Conde

Soccer fever returns to Calexico next week as the legendary World Cup Soccer players from Mexico will host a clinic here in Calexico.

The long awaited Calexico Soccer Clinic will finally arrive Monday and Tuesday of next week as world cup players such as Ramon Ramirez, Javier Zuniga, Juan Hernandez, “El Emperador” Claudio Suarez, among others will come to Calexico to teach kids the fundamentals of soccer. The event is presented by the CPAL (Calexico Parents Athletic League) in an effort to encourage kids to practice sports and stay out of trouble.