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Painting Your Face – Special Effects Without Aftereffects

Painting your face can be a big part of the fun on Halloween and lots of other special occasions. Most of the time people do this without a problem, but not always. Here are some pointers to help keep your fun from leaving you with a rash, swollen eyelids, or other grief.

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Halloween Candy Has Limited Shelf Life

Chocolates past expiration date may cause illness, expert says.

Maybe it’s not so bad that children gorge themselves on candy on Halloween.

Parents who plan to hide most of their kids’ ghoulish loot and dole it out to them later may be surprised to learn that even candy can go bad — especially if it’s made of chocolate.

Sweets do indeed have a shelf life, according to a Kansas State University expert.

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Baseball Report

By Bob Hurst

When the Texas Rangers played their first game at Arlington Stadium in 1972 after moving from Washington D.C., only 20,105 fans showed up to watch. The Rangers were playing in a converted minor league ball park that was expanded to 35,694 seats the year before to accommodate the major league brand.

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Cattle Call Rodeo Ticket’s

Photo by Chris Furguson

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Calexico Sales Tax

By Mario Conde

The Measure H sales tax committee has been established as the watchdog group that will oversee the use of the new sales tax.

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