Spooky Contact Lenses can be a Frightening Choice for Halloween!

Increasingly popular cosmetic lenses can cause serious

eye damage if not properly fitted.

The California Board of Optometry is warning consumers about using decorative Halloween contact lenses without a prescription.

When not fitted properly or when purchased without a prescription from an eye care professional, costume contacts can damage the eye. Types of injuries associated with improper wear of decorative lenses range from painful irritation and redness to infection, scratched cornea, impaired vision, and, in severe cases, loss of eyesight.

ECRMC Joins the Generation Pink Gloves™ Campaign

EL CENTRO, Calif. – October 26, 2010 – Recent visitors to ECRMC may have noticed the addition of pink into the Hospital. ECRMC is recognizing the 25th Anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by joining in the Pink Gloves movement and using only pink exam gloves.

Voter Deadlines for November 2, 2010 Statewide General Election

The Registrar of Voters has issued 22,460 Vote by Mail Ballots and as of Friday Oct. 22, 2009 3,712 Voters had returned their voted ballots.

Tuesday:        October 26, 2010  Last Day to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot:

The mail ballot application found on the back of the Sample Ballot Booklet can be submitted by October 26, 2010, to request a Vote by Mail Ballot for the November 2, 2010 Statewide General Election.  Voters in Mail Precincts and Permanent Vote by Mail Voters do not need to apply; a ballot has automatically been mailed.

Andrade CBP Officers prevent more than $359,000 In Illegal Narcotics from entering U.S.

U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the Andrade Port of Entry in California prevented more than 256 pounds of marijuana and 30 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of more than $359,000 from entering the United States in two separate occasions over the weekend.