Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Local Small Businesses Begin to Feel Effects of Small Business Jobs Act

Just a little more than a week after the President signed the Small Business Jobs Act, close to 2,000 small businesses have been approved for SBA-backed loans.  A total of nearly $1 billion will soon go to these small businesses.

“I’m glad the administration worked quickly to get money in the hands of the business owners that need it to expand and hire new employees,” said Congressman Filner.

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Criminal Charges Filed Today Against Three People Who Cheated at Blackjack

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced criminal charges today against three people who marked cards at the Turlock Poker Room and stole $24,000 in 30 minutes.

“These people wanted to ensure they would win big at blackjack so they rigged the game, putting hard-to-detect grease marks on the outside edge of the King, Queen, Jack and 10s as well as marks on other cards,” Brown said. “They won $24,000 in 30 minutes but today face felony charges for their actions.”

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