Brown Directs Nation’s Fourth Largest Home Lender to Suspend Foreclosures Until It Proves It Is Complying with the Law

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today directed Ally Financial, Inc., formerly known as GMAC, to prove immediately that it is complying with state law or, if it cannot, to cease and desist from foreclosing on California homes.

“I’m taking this action to protect California homeowners facing the tragedy of foreclosure,” Brown said. “They are clearly in jeopardy since an Ally Financial official admitted his review of thousands of critical foreclosure documents was really a sham.”

Dear Friends and Family of Brawley Fire Cheif Mark Franks:

As I was driving into Brawley on the morning of September 23, 2010 – a sea of blue uniforms and a backdrop of beautiful engines received us as we began to arrive this morning at 6:45 am.  Tones didn’t go off this morning.  Emergency calls didn’t come in.  And the heavens gave us enough sunshine to remind us that our desert southwest can spare beautiful weather from time to time.

No Coffee Makes A Bad Start To The Day; High Salaries Need to Be Justified

I WOKE UP THIS MORNING KNOWING I COULDN’T EAT ANYTHING – I was on my way first thing to get some blood work done for my next doctor’s visit and they required fasting.
It wasn’t the absence of food that was so bad. It was the absence of coffee. Fasting included no coffee.
No coffee!
I’m always amazed how people can function without a cup of the delectable brew to get their day started. Sometimes it takes two or three cups to get moving.
My wife and I have taken to trying gourmet coffees, which even enhances the great pleasure of a Java treat in the a.m. We joined a coffee club which sends us a monthly supply of our favorite brews and an invitation to buy more exotic brands from far away places. I’m partial to Papau, New Guinea coffee.
But here I was in the morning with nothing to clear the cobwebs out of my brain. Talk about fasting!
It was get dressed fast. Get in the car fast. Get to the clinic fast. Get the bloodwork done fast. And head for the nearest coffee bar – fast.
With a vanilla cream and hazelnut combination firmly in hand, I was set to get the day started, even if it was two hours old.
Perhaps the medical clinics of the world will come up with a way to screen your blood with a coffee filter. That way I can still have a cup of Joe on my way to getting stabbed with a needle.
Well, until then, I will just have to suffer through the early morning hours on bloodwork day.
I’ll  look at it as a vacation from caffeine.
ANYBODY BESIDES ME NOTICE how NBC news keeps trying to push a racial issue on the President of the United States?
They keep dragging it out in front of the national TV audience  on a regular basis, even though there is no issue.
The President himself says there is no issue, but Brian Williams keeps trying to drag him into one. Perhaps someone should inform him that his brand of thinking is no longer in vogue.
Perhaps he could take a clue from the man he keeps trying to drag down by upgrading his thinking to a level above guttural name dropping.
I suppose on a slow news day you have to have something to put on the air. But NBC has gone too far with  this nonsense. Get back to telling us about something important, Mr. Williams. You’re hung up on old hatreds.
I WAS GONE FOR A WEEK TAKING CARE OF some personal business, but couldn’t help noticing the high salaries the City Managers of Imperial Valley make. That was reported in the Imperial Valley Press.
I have often wondered why city managers make such high amounts of money. In one case almost as much as the governor of the state.
In some cases they got the job because of their “Old Boy” connections. Or because they were from the city that hired them. Familiarity brings high salaries among the “In Group.”
With a recession still on, even though the federal government says its over, why are these people immune from salary cuts or wage limitations?
You mean they couldn’t get along on a mere $75,000 a year?
The city of Bell, California, was featured nationally because of the excesses taken by its City Manager and a greedy City Council, which paid itself over $100,000 per year per member. The city Manager was drawing over $750,000 per year.
The L.A. County Attorney had the Bell City Manager arrested to the cheers of local taxpayers.
In Imperial Valley you have unemployment which reached  30 percent over the summer.
The city managers don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Maybe they could make a  more visible effort to solve some of the difficulties for people in the cities they are managing.
It’s time they be held more accountable to the bodies that appointed them in the first place and justify such huge sums of money. If cities want to save a lot of dough in a hurry, this might be a good place to start.
Or perhaps the job could become an elected one instead of an appointed one. Then they would have to be a lot more responsive to the public than they are now.
If you make big public  bucks, you should answer for them.