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FEMA, Cal EMA approve nearly $3.9 million in reimbursements to help government agencies in Imperial County cover earthquake-related costs

Disaster recovery officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) announced today that nearly $3.9 million infederal and state Public Assistance funds have been awarded through August 24 to help government agencies in Imperial County cover emergency response and repair costs stemming from the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck the area on April 4, 2010.
The $3,889,918.53 represents the federal and state shares of the $4,149,246.43 in eligible earthquake emergency response and repair costs approved so far for the County of Imperial and the cities of Calexico, Calipatria, El Centro, Holtville and Imperial. Under the Public Assistance program, FEMA reimburses successful applicants for 75 percent of their eligible expenses. In California, Cal EMA pays 18.75 percent of the eligible costs incurred by city and county agencies and special districts, with local agencies picking up the remaining 6.25 percent.
The recipient agencies became eligible for Public Assistance funding from FEMA and Cal EMA on May 7, 2010, when President Barack Obama approved Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s request on behalf of Imperial County for a major disaster declaration after a preliminary damage assessment was conducted by representatives of FEMA, Cal EMA and local government. “FEMA and Cal EMA recognize that the earthquake placed a significant financial burden on government agencies serving Imperial County,” said FEMA Region IX Administrator Nancy Ward and Cal EMA Secretary Matthew Bettenhausen. “The reimbursements announced today will help reduce a significant part of that
burden.” They noted that because most federal and state disaster funds are provided after repair work has been completed and documentation has been provided, the funds approved to date represent only a portion of the disaster assistance some agencies will receive. -morePage 2: FEMA, Cal EMA approve reimbursements for government agencies in Imperial County.
The $3,889,918.53 in approved reimbursements for the County and the recipient cities represents more than 36 percent of the $10,781,800.75 in federal and state reimbursements FEMA and Cal EMA have approved through August 24, 2010, to help city and county agencies, special districts, educational institutions and other eligible entities cover eligible earthquake-related costs.
The City of Calexico has been approved for $1,481,913.14 to help cover the cost of 17 projects. The federal and state funds approved include $341,684.71 to help the city’s fire department cover $364,463.69 in eligible emergency response costs, $278,410.98 to help cover $296,971.71 in repair work related to a 36-inch gravity sewer line and $245,445.70 to help the city’s police department cover $261,808.75 in eligible emergency response costs.
The $3,889,918.53 approved to date for government agencies in Imperial County includes $951,539.40 for the City of Imperial. Nearly half of the approved funds — $466,005 – will help cover $497,072 in eligible costs related to repair of damages at City waste water clarifier plants.
Imperial County has been approved for $708,324.59 in federal and state reimbursements. The bulk of the approved reimbursements — $645,383.58 – is being awarded to help the city’s department of public works cover repairs to two Gateway water tanks.
Federal and state disaster officials have also approved reimbursements totaling $668,767.10 for the City of El Centro, including $614,241.16 to help cover the cost of work on primary and secondary clarifiers.
The City of Holtville has been approved for $43,693.78 in federal and state disaster assistance — $37,828.68 of which will be used to help pay for replacement of a damaged flag pole.
The City of Calipatria has been awarded $35,680, including $26,654.86 to help cover the cost of repairs to the town clock, park sidewalks and the airport.

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Police Briefs

City of Holtville


September 6


A male subject was in the area walking through the alleys looking into backyards. The caller did catch the subject looking into his/her backyard, the caller did yell out to him asking him if he was lost. The subject did not reply, he simply left quickly, the caller was advised of his options.


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Baseball Report

By Bob Hurst
Streaks come and go during the long regular season, but they take on added importance for teams involved in the playoff race in September.
Just ask the San Diego Padres, who finally snapped their losing skid at 10 games on Monday. The Padres streak was their longest since losing 13 straight in May 1994. But San Diego’s recent streak came as the division leader, and reduced its lead in the NL West from 6 1/2 games to just 1 game over the San Francisco Giants.
San Diego also went from having the best record in the NL to what was the fourth-best on Tuesday.
“You would never have thought that winning one game would be so important,” said Mike Adams, who won in relief on Monday. “That’s the biggest win that we’ve had maybe all year. The past 10 days, nothing went our way. We couldn’t catch a break. To come out tonight and get that win out of the way, hopefully that changes the tide and we’ll get on a little roll now.”
Adams and his teammates better hope so. They host the Giants in a huge four-game series beginning Thursday, followed by a three-game series at Colorado next week. The Rockies swept the Padres in San Diego over the weekend, and were closing in the divisional race, 4 1/2 games behind after Monday.
Only two teams in major league history have made the postseason in a year that included a losing streak of at least 10 games.
In the AL Central, two more streaky teams are battling it out for the division title. The Chicago White Sox won seven in a row, all on the road, through Monday, but remained 3 1/2 games behind the Minnesota Twins, who won four straight. Both teams will slug it out in a three-game set in Chicago next week, the last time they will meet in the regular season.
Morgan’s antics land him a suspension: Washington’s Nyjer Morgan lost it last week, and now has to pay for his actions with an eight-game suspension.
Morgan’s problems began on Aug. 21, when he threw a ball at a fan in the stands at Philadelphia. He was handed a seven-game suspension, which he appealed. Then, on Aug. 29, Morgan ran over St. Louis Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson at home plate, although Anderson didn’t have the ball and Morgan would have easily scored. Morgan was called out for not touching home plate.
Last Tuesday, Morgan was at it again. He crashed into Florida catcher Brett Hayes, while attempting to score from second. It appeared that Morgan could have slid into home plate but chose to make contact with Hayes instead. Hayes tagged Morgan out, but he separated his left shoulder in the collision.
In the next game on Wednesday, Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad retaliated by hitting Morgan with a pitch in the fourth inning. Morgan responded by stealing second and third, despite his team trailing 14-3, and scored on a base hit.
For that, Volstad threw behind Morgan in the sixth inning, causing Morgan to charge the mound and triggering a brawl. After reviewing the game, Major League Baseball suspended and fined six players, both managers and a coach.
Morgan got eight games and Volstad was suspended for six.
“I’m a little surprised at (the suspensions and fines) overall,” Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said. “I think Major League Baseball is sending out a message with these suspensions and especially with the fines, and that’s that it doesn’t want bench-clearing brawls in this sport.”
MLB said that Morgan’s suspension was for “unnecessarily” running over Anderson, “inappropriate comments” directed toward the fans last Tuesday and for charging the mound and making inappropriate gestures and comments to fans on Wednesday.
Morgan’s frustration at the plate and being dropped from leadoff to eighth in the order may have set him off.
StatsWatch: Colorado Rockies center-fielder Carlos Gonzalez has been swinging a hot bat, and is in the running for an NL triple crown. Here’s what he’s done lately (through Monday’s game):

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