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When Violence Hits Too Close to Home Emerging from the port of entry’s administrative offices into a sunny San Diego morning, Special Agent Dean Giboney spoke in fluent Spanish with the man whose temporary U.S. visa he had just helped renew. The man was smiling, happy to be out of Mexico, even though he understood that being on U.S. soil was no guarantee of safety from the Tijuana drug cartel that has put a price on his head. Kidnappings Escalate Kidnappings by [...]

New Congressional Funding to Enhance Department of Justice Southwest Border Strategy

Today’s passage by Congress of the Border Security Appropriations Bill provides $196 million for the Department of Justice to surge federal law enforcement efforts in high crime areas in the Southwest Border region, announced Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary G. Grindler. “I commend Congress for passing the Border Security Appropriations Bill to add important resources to bolster security on our Southwest Border,” said Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary G. Grindler. [...]

City of Calexico Offices to be Closed Every Friday

As of Wednesday, August 11, 2010, the Calexico City Council reached an agreement with all city labor unions to implement furlough days for staff. This was done in an effort to balance the City's budget during a state of fiscal emergency. In order to implement the furlough days agreed to, City hours of operation will be affected. From August 13, 2010 through June 3, 2011, the following City offices will be closed every Friday: City Hall Camarena Library Carnegie Technology Center Recreation [...]

Police Briefs

Police Briefs

City of Holtville Monday, August 9 TRY ROSES AND CANDY: The caller’s ex-boyfriend came to her residence drunk, the caller stated that the drunken ex-boyfriend was trying to win her back but he was just out of line and would like him to be sent home. The subject left in a four door vehicle, the caller was advised to call back should he return. GOODBYE AUNTIE: The caller’s aunt is in his residence and is refusing to leave, after a brief argument the caller's aunt was sent on her way. The [...]

In Other Words

In Other Words

Taking the Fun Out Of Flying (Reprinted from the Aug. 14, 2008 issue. Anybody whose had to fly lately can relate. The vacation season is winding down and we will have more on Valley business next week). WE JUST RETURNED FROM A VACATION trip which required us to change planes once in Atlanta, Ga. This doesn’t seem to be  too much of an ordeal to get huffy and puffy about. But, since the airlines have competing internet sites booking cheap tickets and the airlines have been ordered to cut [...]

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