Preliminary Information on the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance

Under the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act (H.R. 1586), which was signed by President Obama on August 10, 2010, California will receive approximately $1.2 billion to be used to save or create an estimated 16,500 K–12 jobs. Governors have 30 days from enactment to submit their state’s application for the funds, and the U.S. Department of Education must award the funds to states within 45 days of enactment. At this time, it is unclear what, if any, application process will be required for LEAs.

Action Taken to Make Children’s Bounce Houses Safe

Continuing his fight to ensure the safety of equipment used by children, Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed a lawsuit against several companies involved in manufacturing children’s bounce houses because some of the inflatable structures contain unsafe amounts of lead.

Testing done by the Center for the Environmental Health and the Attorney General’s office found that some of the vinyl in the bounce houses contains lead levels that violate both federal and state regulations.

Baseball Report

By Bob Hurst

There hasn’t been much to celebrate in Baltimore this season, so when Adam Jones hit a game-winning single in the bottom of the 10th inning last Friday night, the Orioles mobbed Jones and jumped around like they had won the AL East.

It was Baltimore’s fourth straight win, matching its season high, and made new manager Buck Showalter 4-0 with the team. The Orioles finished their homestand at 6-1 and won their seventh in eight games under Showalter on Tuesday night.

Imperial County to Appeal Proposition 8 Ruling

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to appeal Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling overturning proposition 8 that made it illegal of same-sex couples to get married.