Congressman Bob Filner announced today that San Diego and Imperial counties have been allocated $11,770,272 for border security measures from the Department of Homeland Security under the Operation Stonegarden program.  San Diego County is set to receive $8,844,033 and $2,926,239 will go to Imperial County.

“We need a border that is effective, efficient and secure,” said Congressman Filner.  “This money will go a long way to move us closer to that goal.”

Operation Stonegarden was created to enhance cooperation and coordination among Federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies in a joint mission to secure the United States borders.

“My goal is to have a smart border that facilitates commerce, protects our communities and makes our ports of entry efficient,” said Congressman Filner.

Congress passed the funding for Operation Stonegarden as part of the Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2010.


2 Responses to San Diego, Imperial Valley to receive over $11.5 million for border security

  1. Oso says:

    8 million for SD. 3 milliom for IV. Wow thanks Bob. How many private sector jobs doe’s this create? Take your time… Think about it BOB

  2. Oso says:

    Bob, we are not stupid. Your goal is to be re-elected and stay on the dole. This is your chance to do the honorable thing and step out and let fresh ideas come into play. Take your time…..think about it.

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