Juan Vargas has been declared winner of the democratic primary for State Senate District

By Mario Conde

After one month of uncertainty, Juan Vargas was declared winner to the democratic primary for State Senate District

The Final resolution of this very completive primary race in Riverside County was made one day after Superior Court Judge Mac Fischer ordered 12,563 misplaced ballots be counted; just like the situation in Imperial County were 30 absentees were not counted. The final count comes after the judge ordered 12,500 mail-in ballots to be counted in the primary election after they were sent to the post office on time but were not delivered to election officials before the voting deadline. Imperial County voters supported Juan Vargas last June with 4,406 votes against 3,379 that Mary Salas recieved.

Final results show that Vargas won the race by 22 district wide pulling and upset victory against Assemblywoman Many Salas (D-Chula Vista) who aspired to replace term-out senator Denise Moreno Ducheny who finish up her term at the end of the year. Vargas won win 50.03% of the vote against 49.98%  in Riverside County.

Juan Vargas will now face Brian Hendry of Chula Vista in November to see who will be the District representative for the next four years.