Much Ado About Nothing; I’m Another Year Older!

SUMMER TIME AND THE NEWS IS REALLY SLOW. That means us news types have to scramble around looking for story to fill up our pages and our air time.
What better topic than a story about an editorial cartoon that supposedly discredited a veteran because of an eyepatch he wears.
Since eyepatches make people look sexy and mysterious, we’re not sure what all the shouting is about.
Nick Popaditch is not exactly a household name even though he’s running for Congress.
As a result he needs a little help calling attention to himself. How about an eyepatch? How about making an issue out of a tasteless cartoon about a man with an eyepatch?
Well, if getting his name known better was the goal, he has done that. He at least got into my conscienceness. Before an I.V. press editorial cartoon supposedly poked fun at his eyepatch, my only recognition of him was a small billboard posted on Fifth Street in Holtville. “Who’s that? I asked as I drove by it  several times. Well, at least I know he is a war veteran who had an eye injury. And if he capitalizes on all this noise that’s being made about the cartoon, we may even find out more about his stance on the issues.
If you’re running way behind and its summer and nobody knows much about you, then a good size controversy can help you over the doldrums and into the election season.
We haven’t seen anything about his response, if he has made one. Perhaps he’s too distraught to speak. We doubt it. We hope he takes advantage of the situation so we will actually get some information about him.
As for the I.V. Press editorial cartoon, it was an exercise in tastelessness, but this is still a free country where you can speak, or draw, what’s on your mind. How sensitive can one person be? If his feelings, or those of his supporters were hurt, perhaps he should try some less strenuous form of work other than being a political candidate.
From his website, or at least one of them touting his candidacy:
“For the record, Nick spent 16 years in the Marine Corps, led men in and out of combat, achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, lost most of his eyesight for his country, and was awarded the Silver Star.”
So, what’s he going to do for  me and the people of Imperial Valley?
A Congressman is supposed to take care of his district. This was probably a pretty good trick to get his name out in front of the public without any cost involved.
We’ll see if he uses it to his advantage. His website only offers negatives and military rhetoric.
Well, it’s still only July. We’ll see where he is in October. Considering the uproar his followers created, we have to wonder what his stand is  on the Bill of Rights. Maybe he’ll give us some answers.
AS I TYPE THIS, I am another year older. My birthday was Wednesday and the days  between them keep getting shorter.
That’s OK, because this has still been the best job in the world when it comes to getting a front row seat to most everything that happens in Imperial Valley.
You have to get a little flack for doing that, but it it well worth it. And every now and then, you get to be a part of justice being served and you can help people with what  is keeping them down.
But the best part is I get to wear Hawaiian sports shirts and shorts to work in the summertime!
Take that all you people at the San Diego Union-Tribune and the L.A. Times!
IT’S SUMMERTIME AND THE LIVING IS EASY. That means we can all hover around our air conditioners for the next several months .
I got to tryout my new gas barbecue for a few days while I was on vacation last week. That’s a real treat.
So were the steaks, salmon steaks, bratwursts and shrimp kabobs we dreamed up for cooking.
This kind of summer living can get real easy to enjoy. I don’t think I’ve eaten that good in a long time. As my mother used to say: “I think I gained five pounds. “
Enjoy the rest of the summer and do something fun. Now is the time to get outside and travel somewhere. Especially to a cooler region of the planet. That’s just about everywhere.

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19 Responses to In Other Words

  1. DarrenB. says:

    What’s Filner done? Push around some TSA folks and try to shove his way into an I.C.E. cellblock? Jobs? Economy? Border Enforcement? Zero, except make an ass of himself. Nice hit piece you wanna be elitist.

  2. Steve B. says:

    I am embarassed I have the same first name as this idiot. What a disrespectful little turd. That right! Wish I could say it in person but this will have to do. Idiot.

  3. VforVendetta says:

    Ahhhhh, the hypocrisy!

    “As a result he needs a little help calling attention to himself. How about an eyepatch?”

    Or maybe we can call into attention, the color of one’s skin when we need attention, that seems to work.

    “As for the I.V. Press editorial cartoon, it was an exercise in tastelessness, but this is still a free country where you can speak, or draw, what’s on your mind.”

    Unless of course it’s something negative about the messiah, or a brutal totalitarian mindset that wants to kill all Americans (hiding behind the name of “religion” no less), then free speech is unacceptable, and the ugly marxist head of you “news folk” rears up.

    “If you’re running way behind and its summer and nobody knows much about you, then a good size controversy can help you over the doldrums and into the election season.”

    You mean like possibly…..hmmmmmm, I know, RACE BAITING, that always seems to work for candidates that “nobody knows much about”

    “We haven’t seen anything about his response, if he has made one. Perhaps he’s too distraught to speak. We doubt it.”

    Good call to “doubt it”, maybe he figures your pissant little cartoonist isn’t worthy to carry his jockstrap, much less dignify a response.

    After what he’s accomplished and gone through in his life, something tells me his feelings weren’t hurt by a little cartoon…..just sayin.

  4. RayInCV says:

    So Steve, were you at the town hall meetings? No? Guess you don’t get the paper.
    We can talk anytime after November 2 Steve, I’ll have some free time then, and I can try and bring you up to speed on ethical journalism. In the mean time, I’ll be working to help elect the right man for the job in CA-51. Hint: He wears an eye patch, speaks clearly and with conviction. Oh, and he doesn’t run his mouth off about people that he knows nothing about.

  5. Christi says:

    Been reading the journolist listserv lately, as it sounds like something a lefty “journalist” would do in order to mar Gunny Pop’s reputation? Funny thing is, you have cooked your own goose, lol.

  6. HMS says:

    Steve: obviously you must be one of the “uninformed” dolts that was supposedly the theme of the cartoon. Says quite a bit about you doesn’t it.

  7. Tony says:

    Mr. Larson,

    I could pick away at your meager attempt to capitalize on the recent cartoon of Nick Popaditch published in the IV Press, as many appear to have already done for you. No, instead, I would like to merely applaud the fact that you have, as a result of this desperate attempt for relevance, drawn me to your column as a 10 minute distraction to my day. No, sir, you are “not exactly a household name even though” you have the privilege of addressing a circulation of maybe 3000. Yes, sir, your somewhat arrogant approach, “negatives,” “rhetoric,” and lack of research as an attempt to “scramble around looking for a story to fill your page” has left me feeling like you are either ill informed or really just don’t care much about the topic beyond slapping together an article geared at evoking a response. Well, you’ve clearly done so and let me be another to give you a little “flack.” Despite your poor attempt to discredit this particular candidate as a “good trick to get your name out in front of the public without any cost involved,” you truly have succeeded in selecting 750 words that possessed me to respond which doesn’t happen often. Happy belated birthday and please enjoy the rest of your summer. Thanks for allowing me to express myself freely. But alas, sir, your 10 minutes are up. Take care!

  8. JCM says:

    Mr. Larson,

    You want your Representative to “take care of you?” THE PEOPLE are supposed to take care of themselves. A Representative doesn’t take care of you. He Represents your interest in the Gov’t.

    World of difference.

    If you want gov’t to take care of you…. try North Korea.

  9. Gerald W Valusek says:

    This article only serves to remind me why I do not subscribe to this publication. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Veronica says:

    If you really want to know about Nick, go to his website, If you like what you see, go get his book, Once a Marine. If you really, really like someone who tells it like it is and doesn’t have a hidden agenda, donate to his campaign at You make the call!

    Here is another very clever take on THE CARTOON:

    I wonder when we will hear from Chris Matthews. Note that there is no doubt who the cartoon actually is . . .

  11. Jimmy Carter says:

    Mr. Larson,
    You owe future Congressman Popaditch your thanks for his service to our country. I hope you see the error of your ways.

  12. Buford Gooch says:

    I can only assume that this is an attempt at humor. Surely no one is oblivious enough to write something like this and expect it to be taken seriously. If you are attempting to emulate a 13 year old writing a “Neener-Neener” piece for his school newspaper, you have done well.

  13. Sarah says:

    Here is a link to Nick Popaditch on Fox News’ Red Eye last night so you can see for yourself what he is like:

  14. John W. says:

    A sixth point overlooked by tps: The publisher of the cartoon had the integrity to apologize, both publicly and privately, to Mr. Popaditch. Nor was it an “I’m sorry you’re to stupid to get the joke” or “mistakes were made” apology so favored by Democrats. If you want to be an editor when you grow up, you should first learn that it requires the hard work of learning the facts on the subject of your editorials.

  15. J DAVID PETRUZZI says:

    Mr. Larson,

    Why is it that sniveling little lefties such as yourself despise the military and its true heroes so much? Is it because they are fighting your friends? Gunny lost his eyesite so that loonies such as yourself can spew such garbage as this – and he’d do it all over again. That’s the kind of man he is. He has more courage and patriotism in one of his toe nail clippings than you’ll ever have in your similarly-sized brain.

    It’s unbelievable that you would pen such a hit and smear piece without even knowing Gunny Pop. Everything you imply about him in this hit piece is absolutely inaccurate. But then, to leftie losers such as yourself, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Such articles is why insignificant pukes such as yourself are becoming even more irrelevant everyday. Why don’t you pick up your phone (which probably has a picture of Keith Olbermann as wallpaper), call Gunny Pop, and interview him – before you write such tripe again.

    You might be shocked, and finally embarassed at yourself.

  16. Ted says:

    Another Take on “The Cartoon”:

    Very clever.


  17. bob sanders says:

    “In Other Words” I am an idiot who doesn’t know anything about the people running to represent my readers in congress. Maybe you should go join the military and do something useful for people instead of writing opinion pieces that read like they were written by a fifteen year old girl playing “gotcha” with the mean girls on MySpace.

  18. Ted says:


    I am shocked you could write such things in your paper that are demonstrably untrue or shaded in factual veneers wrapped around rotten centers.

    First, Nick never calls attention to himself, and if you knew anything about him, you would know that. As a columnist, did you ever think of picking up the phone and calling someone before you run a negative hit piece? Apparently not.

    Second, Nick did not ask for “The Cartoon” to run, and did not complain publicly. Others, however, were furious about it and rightfully so. If it was meant to “inform” then Nick’s name would have run with it somewhere–otherwise, what was the point? People are not stupid, and realize this “apology” is nothing more than a Cover Your A** mode for the editor.

    Third, you wrote: “His website only offers negatives and military rhetoric.” That is a bald face lie, and anyone who visits can discover that for himself in about 10 seconds.

    Fourth, After setting up that straw man (see number three above), you cherry picked a couple sentences from Nick’s bio, and then claimed he failed to inform anyone what he would do for the district or where he stands on the issues. That, too, is blatantly false. Nick’s website is FULL of positive messages, and there is an ISSUE tab with a full discussion of where Nick stands on many issues. Here is the link since apparently you could not find it on the home page:

    Finally, if you really want to inform your readers honestly and fairly, you will interview Mr. Popaditch. When you do, you will find him articulate, well informed, reasoned, and a good and completely honorable man.

    Please let us know when to expect your interview or column about the real Nick Popaditch.

    Thank you.


  19. shannon mcgraw says:

    What an obvious idiot you are. Eye patches make you look sexy? How ’bout you go and fight and lose your eye so you can become ‘sexy.’ Nahhhhh, that would take more courage than you could ever muster.

    It bears repeating…

    you’re an idiot!

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